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LETTER: on leaf lickers and tree huggers

Dear editor,

While looking for information about the Telegraph I came upon the story about 'wreckreation' [COMMENT: B.C>'s shameful backcountry 'wreckreation']. This story is sooo lame I just have to respond. These leaf lickers and tree huggers are a real piece of work. First of all, I live in one of the areas this article refers to and do not suffer from the harassment mentioned.

Most of these types are PETA, complaining about my horses and motorcycles. Yeah, I ride both on the same trail. No problems for this cowboy/MC rider except the whining about roadapples on those $6000 bicycles. It never stops, you know, the whining.

Anyway, the article mentioned the caribou being harassed. I have yet to see animals in the six feet of snow used by sledders, ever. We are also shown a picture of an area used by the motorized crowd. Of course it's ripped up that's what we do. However, the surrounding area is fine. M/C riders usually find an area they like and keep returning. As the picture shows.

Mostly we stay on the trail to access such areas. Sorry, but these people are a waste of my time.


Ron Lee,

Boulder Creek