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Thanks to Les Johnson and GFTV on this coverage of Founder's Day. 

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Public Service Announcement to Community Regarding Smart Meters

In researching smart meters or Itron meters, I have learned there is a lot of misinformation circulated by email and...

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Taking place August 8 & 9, from 10 am - 5 pm, the Columbia Basin Culture Tour allows you to explore artists' studios, museums,...

Recent News

LETTER: City in Conflict of Interest

LETTER: City in Conflict of Interest

Dear Editor,

The video media tech recording council meetings is publicly discrediting and debasing our mayor. He published demeaning things about Councilor Butler (that she had him remove on the basis of Respectful Workplace policy). He openly states biased opinions about issues that intimately involve the city and its residents. And all this is done on the same website  ( as official city business (the council videos).

Relay for Life raises over $32,000

Relay for Life raises over $32,000

On June 6th the residents of Boundary Country, one by one, joined the ranks of millions of people all over the globe taking steps to end cancer at the largest cancer fundraising event in the world - Relay For Life.

Regional News

Trail and Beaver Valley reach recreation deal

Trail and Beaver Valley reach recreation deal

The City of Trail and Beaver Valley (Fruitvale, Montrose and Area ‘A’) are pleased to announce they have successfully negotiated and approved a one-year recreation agreement that will take effect on September 1, 2015.  Beaver Valley will contribute $125,000 for the one-year term which will allow their residents to use Trail Parks & Recreation facilities and participate in its services and programs at the Trail Resident fee.

Local CUPW president says Canada Post changes coming to Nelson in 2016

Group boxes, reserved for the rural regions, are expected to pop up on street corners in Nelson as Canada Post continues its sweeping changes on how mail is delivered in Canada, beginning in 2016. — The Nelson Daily photo

Nelson Posties have received word they are the latest local to get their walking papers as part of changes of operations announced by Canada Post.

Local Canadian Union of Postal Workers president, Brenda Musoby-Yanke said in a media release Canada post made an announcement Wednesday to workers of the Nelson Post Office postal transformation coming to Nelson in 2016.

"The local management informed the Carriers that a restructured will occur late winter or early spring," said Musoby-Yanke.

Provincial & National

Shred-It, iTunes and Twitonomy – just some of the government's credit cards

Shred-It, iTunes and Twitonomy – just some of the government's credit cards

One of the more feared aspects to the release of the public accounts each year – at least as far as government ministers are concerned – is that tiny volume itemizing each ministry's credit card charges.

Guess the anxiety finally got the better of them, because last year the Finance ministry decided to post the statements online on a quarterly basis instead, presumably hoping fewer would take notice.

It didn't seem right not to wait for the annual totals though.

Be smart when driving highways this BC Day Holiday weekend

Police will be out the BC Day Holiday weekend checking for impaired drivers at random road checks. — Photo courtesy ICBC

The BC Day holiday weekend is right around the corner and Nelson Police Department is urging the public to make smart decision when taking to the roads.

Lindsay Olsen of ICBC  said in a media release that on average, five people are killed and 530 injured in crashes across the province.

The statistic for the Southern Interior, on average, is 94 people injured in 360 crashes every year.