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Last week I became a grandfather for the first time.  Politicians are fond of talking about what kind of future we will leave our grandchildren, but I can now say that having a grandchild sharpens that perspective dramatically.

On Thanksgiving Monday, two news headlines jumped out at me,...

The BC SPCA has been coping with a massive intake of cats and kittens right across the province, including 111 cats surrendered to the BC SPCA’s South Okanagan Similkameen Branch in Penticton.

“A total of 111 cats and kittens came in from the same owner, at a location in the 3600-block of...

Regional News

During the past three decades, a pioneer group of parents have been at the forefront of the often challenging pathway of advocating for children with developmental and physical disabilities. In late-September, the trail they blazed through the Kootenay Advocacy Network/Taking Action for Special Kids (TASK) was split in nine exciting different directions with donations totalling $460,000.

When the dust settles following Saturday’s municipal election politicians from both City of Nelson and Regional District will need to deal with the loss of more jobs in the regional following the recent announcement of layoffs at Pacific Insight west of Nelson.

By Seth Klein

Among the fear-mongering claims of the “No” side in BC’s electoral reform debate, a favorite is that proportional representation (pro rep) will result in unstable minority governments that can’t get anything done.

The claim is unsubstantiated nonsense.

One part of the claim is true - pro rep almost always produces minority or...