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Recent News

The Kootenay Community Bat Project is suggesting people may be noticing more bats around their house or property as mid-summer is a time typically for more activity.

The KCBP said in a media release that landowners typically may notice more bat activity, have bats flying into their house...

As forecast, thunderstorms began passing through the Southeast Fire Centre on August 11, 2022, the BC Wildfire Service is currently responding to 10 new lightning-caused wildfires the Southeast Fire Centre said in a media release Friday.

The release said that thunderstorms are expected to...

Regional News

A portion of Vernon Street that was originally slated for a right-hand turning lane will be closed and sold by the city back to the business on that street.

The triangular-shaped piece of property that was once a part of 705 Vernon St. will be sold to the owner — Finley’s Bar and Grill — after the road allowance was permanently closed by city council (Aug. 9).                     

During the past week the Southeast Fire Centre has seen an increase in fire activity a BC Wildfire Service media release said Wednesday.

The BC Wildfire Service said that ground crews and aviation resources have since responded to 87 new fires, 51 remain active at this time — with 15 of these fires are Under Control, 10 are being held and 26 are currently listed as Out of Control.

At least 1,095 British Columbians are believed to have been lost to the toxic drug supply between January and June 2022, according to preliminary data released by the BC Coroners Service.

“The ever-increasing toxicity of the unregulated, illicit drug market is taking a heart-breaking toll on the lives and well-being of members of our communities across the province,” said Lisa Lapointe...

As high school, college and university students prepare for the upcoming new school year, the need for technology supplies rises.

However, shortages of essential supplies like computer chips may limit the options available to shoppers. Students and families might find it hard to purchase the exact tech they desire from trustworthy sellers. 

“We are expecting to see a rise in...