Selkirk College Students Tops in Business Simulation Competition

Bob Hall
By Bob Hall
March 28th, 2024

In an important test of what’s to come after graduation, four students in Selkirk College’s School of Business triumphed in a simulation competition that matched their talents against top-notch post-secondary peers.
Held at New Westminster’s Douglas College in early-March, the annual Western Canadian Business Competition (WCBC) brought together schools from across British Columbia and Alberta for a three-day event that is both challenging and rewarding. In the strategic plan division, the Selkirk College team of Karminder Singh, Jaspreet Kaur, Carmen Lucia Ponce Cruz and Manmohan Nair Puthuvalputhan Udayakumaran captured first place.

“This competition allows the top students to showcase their skills that they have developed through their course work,” says Mike Konkin, a veteran instructor in the School of Business who coached the Selkirk College team. “The competition is intense and there is very little downtime. At the same time, the students have networking
opportunities to meet their peers from other schools and the high level judges that come directly from industry.”

In a simulation called Glo-Bus, teams were required to submit a full strategic plan for a camera and drone manufacturer that outlined how they intended to operate their simulated company. There were guidelines of what it was expected to cover such as financial projections, competition, marketing, human resources and operational analysis.

Playing a crucial role in learner outcomes, the competition provides hands-on experience in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Participants develop critical skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making, teamwork and adaptability, all essential skills in the modern business landscape. The WCBC also provides networking opportunities, exposure to industry trends, and a chance to receive feedback from professionals that enhances students’ preparedness for future careers in business.

“I’m incredibly proud of the team’s achievement in winning the strategic planning award,” says Jeanne Kim, chair of the college’s School of Business. “It’s truly remarkable to witness students dedicating their time outside of classes and other obligations to form such a successful and dedicated team. Beyond the accolades, they’ve acquired invaluable skills in teamwork, strategy, collaboration and problem-solving, which are indispensable in today's competitive workforce.”

Kim added that the team of career-tested instructors in the School of Business on the college’s Castlegar Campus empower student success at this level.

“Bringing together a set of students to prepare for a competition amongst many students from across western Canada cannot be achieved without the dedication of an instructor to volunteer extra time and effort to the students,” she says. “Mike Konkin, as their coach, instructor and organizer, demonstrated exceptional dedication that goes above and beyond. The success of these students can be attributed significantly to Mike’s coaching, planning, direction and organizational skills.”

Learn more about the Selkirk College School of Business at: https://selkirk.ca/programs/business

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