Letter: Legalized marijuana in the workplace

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December 11th, 2018

To The Editor:

The advent of legalized marijuana has brought up an important issue to government and private sectors alike: the possibility of marijuana impairment in the workplace causing damage, financial loss, personal harm, or even death.

  • The RCMP have a 28-day drying out period before officers can return to active duty.
  • Airlines have strict regulations regarding flight crew impairment.
  • It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana.
  • The sawmill here in Grand Forks has strict prohibitions against working while impaired. 

Mayors and City Councillors across Canada have a very important role in the development, welfare and future of our communities. In Grand Forks, they are responsible for an annual budget in the range of about $15 million per year. These tax dollars already put a severe burden on our community, and require clear heads as to their allocation. Decisions made by Mayors and Councillors can either make or break these communities. Those decisions should not be made by anyone under the influence. 

Due to the high degree of responsibility involved, there should be some sort of prohibition against Mayors or Councillors doing their jobs while impaired. 

What provisions or protections are in place for the residents and taxpayers against Mayors or Councillors being under the influence of marijuana or other drugs while performing their duties?

Jack Koochin, Grand Forks, BC

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