Re-decking the Nursery (Munro) Trestle

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October 24th, 2014

The Grand Forks Community Trails Society has learned that the contract for re-decking the Nursery Trestle was awarded to DJM Contracting of Rossland, BC. 

We are delighted to learn that the bridge will re-decked with 4 inch treated lumber that should last indefinitely.   The project will be paid for by the province with a contribution from the RDKB.  The work will start with the arrival of the lumber scheduled for October 27 and take less than two weeks to complete.

Trail users are advised that the trestle will be closed from Oct. 27 to Nov. 7.

This historic structure was originally decked by the 44th Field Squadron in 2003 to improve access for the Trans Canada Trail.  Unfortunately, the decking used at that time was untreated wood with a limited life span.    Recently the Society had been using plywood to temporarily patch the deck where gaps appeared. 

With the Society’s new stewardship agreement with the province came the opportunity to request a new surface for the trestle.  Earlier this year the Society had proposed that the military return to re-deck the trestle while MFLNRO Rec Sites and Trails and the RDKB split the cost of the materials.  Both MFLNRO and the RDKB expressed interest in this plan but when the military couldn’t commit to a time the decision was made to hire a private contractor to do the work. 

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