LIBRARY MUSINGS: New magazines at the library

Grand Forks and District Public Library
By Grand Forks and District Public Library
June 7th, 2013

Hi Folks!

We have a little suggestion box in the library. It’s off to the side of the checkout desk – a small, wooden treasure chest. We receive all sorts of comments, and I’ve decided to include some of them, along with my responses:

Q: Would love to have reservations for magazines, please! The library used to!

A: That’s a great suggestion. Done!

Q: Please provide a hook on ladies bathroom stall door.

A: Sure – and we’ve put one in the men’s washroom too!

Q: Pop machine.

A: No.

Q: Get more cool books! please!!!

A: We’re trying! If you wrote this note, please come tell us what kinds of books you’d like us to get, and we’ll get right on it.

Q: A blonkey.

A: Okay…

Keep those suggestions coming – and every once in a while I will include some here.

In other news, we have made some changes to our magazine collection. As you may recall, I asked for your input last fall, and many of you gave us feedback on new titles you thought we should acquire. We looked at your suggestions, and at a list that shows how often our current titles get checked out, and put together our new magazine lineup. We’ve added an assortment of new titles: Archie Comics, Make (for wonderful DIY projects), Harper’s, Mother Earth News, Cloth Paper Scissors (for crafts), and Wild (animal magazine, for children). We did have to discontinue some magazines, such as The Economist, Foreign Affairs, and a few others, but we will re-evaluate again next year and continue to adapt our magazine collection to the changing interests of the communities that we serve!

And here’s what we’ve got going on at the library:

Kootenay Writers

Author Antonia Banyard will be at the library on Tuesday, June 11 at 7:00 pm to read from her OBOK Finalist novel “Never Going Back”, and to show videos of the other finalists.

Happy Feet

Learn how to give a foot massage at our Learn @ Lunch workshop on Thursday, June 13 at 12:30. Rosemary Phillips will be teaching various reflexology and healing techniques, and copies of her new instruction booklet will be available.

Gardens Galore!

Join us at the library on Thursday, June 13 at 6:30 pm for a slideshow and discussion on innovative and exciting community garden ideas – put on by the Kettle River Community Garden.

Bike Repair

Come to the library on Saturday, June 15 at 3:30 to learn how to do your own basic bike tune-up – Brian Fletcher (of Chain Reaction) will be here showing us how it’s done!

Laundry Lines

Do you love laundry lines as much as we do? Then come to the library on Saturday, June 15 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm to get your free retractable laundry line – Fortis BC will here giving them away. Come hang out!


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