Trust for LIBERALS or NDP

Wayne Underhill
By Wayne Underhill
May 3rd, 2013

One of your readers stated that the Liberals couldn’t be trusted and gave several examples. On balance can we trust the NDP? Lets look at them over their last tenure in office and forward. Eight consecutive deficit budgets with 3 credit rating downgrades. 8 leaders including an interim leader and a palace revolt. Shades of influence peddling,an outright case of forgery and coverup.a leader who pledged that not one of her NDP members would grandfather the new MLA pension plan. Incidently,all NDP members including the leader have now signed up. Also the ferrys….after the most embarrasing fast cat fiasco can we trust the NDP to have any trustworthy approaches to solving the ferry “problem”?

So what do we have to vote for? Two partys of abject failure and at the end of the next term whoever gets the nod, another deficit,more mortgaging of our future and the same old choices over and over again.

We need a new poilitical movement in BC. Inclusion and a willingness to really show leadership, not just for today but for well into the future. Anyone out there up to the challenge or are we just going to continue to settle for second best when we have the means to really show the world that we, the citizens of BC really have Got It !