Being First Nations and living here in the Boundry area

The Big Raven
By The Big Raven
June 24th, 2011

When I first seen this place my heart was drawn by the wonderment of the natural world that seems abundent in these parts.To my amazment I found that there is no real cultural base for first nation people here that have any ties to the original peoples who have lived in this area since time and memorial..The only “natives” are far and few in-between and the cultural teachers are just not here. Myself I have lived as a full blooded Native and have practiced my cultural herritage ALL my life. I hold and share my culture with others and they come to my home from many places in-fact this spring we had a very sucessful fasting camp with many people and many elders who came from all across Canada.
I have tried in the past to get involved with the community here only to be shuned and chastized for speaking my truth ,yes I have a opinion and sometimes it might not jibe with yours and thats ok too at least I have one right or wrong.
I was shocked when at the last totem pole raising someone said that there are hardly any real natives left NOT TRUE there are plenty of us and we are doing fine.