Merry Christmas to our community volunteers

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
December 23rd, 2010

 The year is nearly over and the winter has set in. This week is the start of the holidays for many who celebrate spending time with those we love. I must admit I am one of the jaded. I don’t have any love for the overindulgent holiday season where the stress of giving often puts families into debt. But on the other side of my cynicism, I do love to see my friends and family, and it certainly brightens the dark days of winter to share food, drink and smiles with others.

That, I believe is the true spirit of Christmas – the joy of sharing and the reminder that we need to care about our fellow humans. Just in case you forgot them the rest of the year. So the true spirit of Christmas lies with all the volunteers who put together our communities’ Christmas hampers, the Boundary Food Bank and the Hands of Mercy who are there all year for those in need, the community Christmas dinner volunteers, Habitat for Humanity that actively changes peoples’ lives, and my hat goes off to the Boundary Emergency and Transition Housing Association that is just trying to get started.  There are many needs in our communities, and many kind and willing hands to help. That is the best way to gage the health of a community – in their volunteer organizations and the work they do all year. There are many more that I have not named here and we do have a rich, caring community.  So as we participate in whatever way we can in supporting our community at Christmas and all year long, it is my pleasure on the pages of the Sentinel to celebrate our caring community when we can.  This week’s news is mingled with what I trust will be some holiday cheer and fun from our Lonesheep family to yours.  All the best of the season to all our readers and supporters!

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