Truck overturns west of Greenwood

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
April 27th, 2010

A truck carrying lumber overturned and started on fire just west of Greenwood in the evening of Sunday Apr. 25. The lone occupant was able to exit the vehicle without assistance with minor injuries. Curtis Beech and his wife Ginny were the first people on the scene.

“My wife and myself were first on scene to the accident where a fully loaded semi with lumber overturned and started on fire. There was only one occupant (the luckiest man in the world) in the vehicle, who was able to exit the vehicle with only a sore hand,” said Beech.

“My wife and a young couple who arrived after us, were able to control traffic and help move some debris so traffic could sqeeze by, until the emergency vehicles arrived. I was able to extinguish the fire quite quickly with my extinguisher.”

According to Beech, the Grand Forks RCMP are investigating the cause of the accident.

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