LETTER: Using bows and arrows a shocking approach to deer management

By Contributor
February 7th, 2010

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the recent proposal of the city council of Grand Forks to allow the use of the method of bow and arrow to reduce to “manage” the deer population in Grand Forks and the surrounding area.

I was born and raised in Grand Forks, and have spent every summer in this valley. The deer are a major reason for my return to this valley as there are many other places to spend the summer.

I was shocked to say the least by this barbaric decision and proposed action. This city council should hang their heads in shame. Historically civilizations and countries have been measured and evaluated by how they treat their elderly and their animals. What is the most appalling and cruel is the proposal to pinpoint pregnant does. One cannot think of an animal wandering about with an arrow or dying a slow death due to an arrow wound without being sick to their stomach.

I applaud the RCMP for coming forward and clarifying the law and protecting these animals. I also believe organizations such as WWF-Canada and Green Peace would be most interested. Countries such as Japan have made the city of Nara an international tourist attraction where deer are allowed to roam freely through the town. Grand Forks could make lemonade out of lemons by following suit.

This is also a wonderful way for children to learn to co-exist with the animal kingdom. As land in this community becomes increasingly inhabited animals are pushed out of their natural habitat. It is critical that we learn to co-exist. Europeans who come here to see communities such as Grand Forks have long lost almost all of their wild-life, we have a golden opportunity to turn things around.

Vera Polonicoff
Vancouver, B.C.

Editor’s note: After checking with city council about the shooting of pregnant does there is no discussion of this at this time. The suggestion is to target does before rutting season thereby reducing the number of females available for pregnancy. Current bylaws allow for bow and arrow hunting within city limits and within the guidelines set by the province regarding use of arms within city limits as described by the RCMP and hunting regulations as described by the Grand Forks Wildlife Association at a recent council meeting.

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