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by Mona Mattei on Friday Aug 27 2010

An air quality warning may be occurring at any time today, according to Paul Willis with the Ministry of Environment. A mixture of dust being raised by winds, smoke from nearby fires in Washington State and fires in B.C. are causing enough...

by Mona Mattei on Thursday Aug 26 2010
While the Grand Forks detachment of the RCMP can be satisfied they have solved the case of another break-and-enter, the seriousness of this particular case cannot be overlooked. The Grand Forks headquarters of the RCMP was the site of this crime. Sometime between the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 11 and the morning of Thursday Aug. 12, a distraction staged by the thieves drew officers out...
by Contributor on Thursday Aug 26 2010

 Columbia Power Corporation (CPC) and Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) have reached an agreement in principle with Fortis Inc. (Fortis) to further the advancement of the Waneta Expansion Project.

“As the only government MLA for the Kootenays, it is important to me that this project proceeds. The project brings approximately 400 jobs and $200 million in wages and benefits to the Kootenay...
by Mona Mattei on Thursday Aug 26 2010
All of us have sat through a lecture on health: eat better, take your vitamins, and exercise. Now if you think that’s what you’re going to hear when you attend Dr. Art Hister’s presentation in Christina Lake, well, you’re right. But the adventure in seeing Hister deliver his humourous message with interesting tidbits you may not know will be worth it.
After 20 years...
by Boundary Sentinel on Wednesday Aug 25 2010

The Boundary is now the dynamite capital of Southern B.C. as local RCMP, looking for a grow op, came across the second house in a week loaded with firearms and explosives.

On Sunday Aug. 22, the Grand Forks RCMP executed a search warrant at a residence on  Dupee Road, outside of Christina Lake.
Police located 113 plants, inside of the residence and 115...
by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Aug 25 2010

 Police have not yet charged anyone, but the investigation continues into a brawl involving as many as 40 or 50 people outside the Element Night Club Saturday night, after a much-publicized “foam party” at the venue.

Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Deb Postnikoff said the call came in at about 2:40 a.m.
“I guess this had been brewing and tensions had been building inside...
by Contributor on Tuesday Aug 24 2010
by: Zoe McKnight, National Post
A global campaign has emerged to save the dozen or more black bears found protecting the site of a million-dollar marijuana grow-op in British Columbia. Doreen McCrindle, a Calgary woman who said she is just an animal lover, is behind an online push to stop the B.C. government from euthanizing the bears.
by Kyra Hoggan on Tuesday Aug 24 2010

Castlegar police are working on a file that serves as a cautionary tale for would-be criminals:

If you're going to steal a bunch of stuff, including a car, you'd do well to avoid having a couple of drinks before toodling aimlessly around town at 2:45 a.m. in said stolen car, which happens to contain a bunch of other stuff you've stolen, too.
“At 2:45 a.m.,...
by Kyra Hoggan on Monday Aug 23 2010

 Police got to see evidence of the other Big Bang theory in Greenwood last week, as the execution of a search warrant uncovered dynamite, a grenade and several loaded weapons.

“It should also be noted that the residence had a surveillance system set up with a live camera view of the front gate/yard area onto a 36-inch TV screen inside the house,” said RCMP Staff Sgt. Dan...
by Kyra Hoggan on Sunday Aug 22 2010

 There are now three Facebook groups and an online petition with almost 1,000 signatures, all dedicated to saving the bears found at a Christina Lake grow-op last month.

The online...


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