Wildlife detectors to be installed on Hwy 3 near Elko, Sparwood

Wildlife detectors to be installed on Hwy 3 near Elko, Sparwood

The B.C. government is about to pilot two new high-tech wildlife detection systems on Highway 3, to help warn motorists when wildlife is on or near the highway.

There will be two locations for the wildlife detection systems on Highway 3 - the Elko site, approximately 1 km east of Elko, and the Michel site, approximately 2 km east of Sparwood. These locations were selected for the pilot systems because of high numbers of elk and deer, which can often wander onto the highway and have the potential to cause serious crashes.

New $1-mill fire truck to take city to new heights

New $1-mill fire truck to take city to new heights

A more-than-million-dollar acquisition is poised to bring the city to new heights, after city council approved the purchase of a new ladder truck for Castlegar’s fire department.

At its regular meeting Monday night, council heard a litany of reasons why this truck will help drive the city into the future.

“We’ve been looking at it for a couple of years now,” said fire chief Gerry Rempel. “It’s more of a priority now because our other truck has to be retired no later than March of 2017.”

A Letter From Richard Cannings

A Letter From Richard Cannings

Dear editor,

I would like to thank the voters of South Okanagan-West Kootenay for the trust you have placed in me by electing me as your Member of Parliament.  I am humbled by your support and will work hard for all the people of South Okanagan-West Kootenay. My office door will always be open, and I pledge to not only take your concerns to Ottawa, but to actively seek out your ideas on how we can make this region an even better place to live. 

Kootenay Author to Read at Rossland Museum

Kootenay Author to Read at Rossland Museum

Kootenay author Sean Arthur ("Art") Joyce will visit the Rossland Museum on October 29, at 6:30 pm in the Museum's  Cominco Theatre to talk about and read from his most recent book.  Admission is by donation;  books will be available for sale, and the author will be available to sign them.

The book is  Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest: Canada’s Home Children in the West  by Sean Arthur (‘Art’) Joyce,  from Hagios Press, Regina, 2014.

Election turns Tory tide to true Grit: Liberals sweep nation but spare Kootenay Columbia

NDP candidate Wayne Stetski, seen here in Nelson during a campaign parade, did the unthinkable in what was seen as a Conservative stronghold, he defeated incumbent David Wilks in one of the tightest races in all of Canada Monday night 23,529 to 23,244.

Before Kootenay-Columbia voters finished marking the last ‘X’ on their ballots a Liberal Party government was confirmed in the 2015 federal election Monday night.

And as polls closed at 8 p.m. Pacific in Nelson, the only questions remaining were how the West Kootenay’s new riding would swing, and would the Liberals form a majority government.

Liberals from coast to coast watch as Justin Trudeau sweeps into Prime Minister's office

Despite not winning in Kootenay-Columbia, Liberal candidate Don Johnston, party worker Cheryl Elliott and Elliott's granddaughter, were all smiles as they watched Justin Trudeau sweep into the Prime Minister’s office Monday in during a campaign party at the Hume Hotel. — Photo by Brendan Quinn, The Nelson Daily

The Liberal red wave started on the East Coast and never let up.

Canadians officially, and overwhelmingly, said goodbye to the Harper government and welcomed Justin Trudeau and the Liberals as their new leaders.

The Liberals won a majority government with 182 seats, 99 for the Conservatives, 41 for the NDP, 10 for the Bloc and 1 for the Green Party.

The atmosphere in the lower levels of the Hume hotel was one of excitement and relief, as the Liberal party won an unexpected majority government and ousted the Conservatives in numbers nobody saw coming.

Unprecedented turn-out in Kootenay advanced federal voting

Unprecedented turn-out in Kootenay advanced federal voting

Friday and Monday represented the two busiest advanced voting days in Canadian history, according to Elections Canada – and the Kootenays did their part.

The Kootenay-Columbia riding saw 14,899 voters take advantage of early voting, compared to just 7,237 in 2011. Our own riding of South Okanagan-West Kootenay is a new one, so a direct comparison isn’t possible, but in 2011, British Columbia Southern Interiorhad 4,142 early ballots cast, while this year’s South Okanagan-West Kootenay recorded 14,412.

Controlling spending in good times would have meant $4.4 billion surplus today—not $5 billion-plus deficit

Prudent spending during the past decade would have put Alberta in better financial situation today.

Had the Alberta government increased spending more prudently over the past decade, the province would today enjoy a surplus, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

OP/ED: Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness speaks to Search and Rescue funding

OP/ED: Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness speaks to Search and Rescue funding

By Naomi Yamamoto

B.C. Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness

Without a small army of 2,500 volunteers and the $6.3 million that the Province spends to fund their searches, the lost might not be found in B.C.'s backcountry. Since April there have been 130 more calls for rescue from throughout the province compared to the same time period last year - that creates a taxing situation on the volunteer teams and to the B.C. taxpayer who, through the province, pay 100 per cent of the costs for their searches.

OP/ED: BC Government patronage appointments mean little or no push back

The appointment by Brad Bennett as Chairman of the BC Hydro board is the latest patronage appointment made by BC Premier Christy Clark.

New York Senator William L. Marcy could have just as easily been referring to B.C. in 2015 – and not the 1828 victory of the Jackson Democrats – when he boasted "to the victor belong the spoils."

Even he would have marvelled at the spoils available in B.C.

Other provinces have their Crown corps and spots on various boards to reward the party faithful, but the B.C. government has taken it to a whole new level.

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