Millennium Park Ponds win award of excellence

Millennium Park Ponds win award of excellence

The BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) today presented its Facility Excellence Award for 2016 to the City of Castlegar for Millennium Natural Swimming Ponds. The award recognizes excellence in facility concept, design development, maintenance or operation in a facility that demonstrates outstanding innovation and significant impact in the recreation and parks sector.

OP/ED: On park ponds and parcel taxes

OP/ED: On park ponds and parcel taxes

One of the arguments I'm hearing most in opposition to the city's proposed parcel tax is criticism over city council spending money on the Millennium Park Ponds – the argument being that council self-indulgently bought a shiny new toy we can't afford and now residents are footing huge tax bills as a result.

Regardless whether you are for or against the parcel tax, at least present an intelligent argument either way. This argument is childish and beyond nonsensical, and here's why:

The Millennium Park Ponds cost roughly $1.8 million – offset by a $400,000 grant, so in reality, they cost the city about $1.4 million.

BC Residents Want Big Money Out of Politics

Across the province, 86% of residents support a ban on corporate and union political donations.

Voters in British Columbia believe corporations have outsized influence in determining government policy, thanks in part to unlimited political donations, a new poll by Insights West has found.

Trail buys property as part of Riverfront Centre development

Trail buys property as part of Riverfront Centre development

The City of Trail has purchased the property at 1537 Bay Avenue, located on the lot adjacent to the future site of the proposed Trail Riverfront Centre (integrated library and museum) for $190,000. The City takes title of the property in early June, 2016 with plans of demolishing the existing structure in mid-July, 2016.  The property will become additional space to be used in the development of the Trail Riverfront Centre.

Hockey Talk, Airbnb issues, Washington Street Excavation Schedule, and More.

Hockey Talk, Airbnb issues, Washington Street Excavation Schedule, and More.

Present:    Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Lloyd McLellan, John Greene, Andy Morel,  Aaron Cosbey, Andrew Zwicker.  Marten Kruysse  arrived at 6:25.

Staff:  new Chief Administrative Officer Brian Teasdale,  Consulting Chief Financial Officer Steve Ash,  City Planner Stacey Lightbourne, Manager of Public works Darrin Albo, Executive Assistant Alison Worsfold

OPINION: The Dirt on BC Hydro's Contracting Practices

Contractors have been clearing land for the Site C dam.

Another month, another Site C contract and once again with one of those almost – but not quite – Canadian companies.

On April 6, Canadian Press quoted Premier Christy Clark as stating “Montreal-based Voith Hydro Inc. will design, supply and install six turbines, six generators and associated equipment.”

Voith would be more accurately described as a family-owned, German-based company with operations in Montreal and dozens of other locations around the world.

OPINION: Empires and Their Problems; Will We Ever Learn?

OPINION: Empires and Their Problems; Will  We Ever Learn?

Not Learning from Empires: saying Yes to imperial temptation

“Take up the White Man’s Burden…”                -- Rudyard Kipling

“[G]overning India is the fulfillment of a mandate from God… the miracle of the world.”

 – Lord Curzon, British Viceroy in India

“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”    -- Percy B. Shelley, Ozymandias

COLUMN: My Job as Your MLA

Katrine Conroy

While travelling around my constituency of Kootenay West and the province I am often asked “what does a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) do?” I decided to share with constituents what my job has entailed since February and the start of the winter Legislative session. The days are long, sometimes difficult but it is also incredibly fulfilling and I am privileged to have this job. 

Parents create petition after SD 20 proposes $200/yr fee for school bussing

Parents create petition after SD 20 proposes $200/yr fee for school bussing

Parents of students in School District 20 (SD20) have reached such a level of frustration with ongoing and relentless cuts to education funding in the area that they've started a petition, according to Rebecca McDonnell, president of the District Parent Advisory Council.

“This our sixth year of deficits approaching $1 million, and some of them have been in excess of $1 million,” she said, adding the SD20's proposed budget, unveiled last night, was a last straw for many. The budget, if passed, will see parents charged $200 for their kids to be bussed to school. “There is some anger and resentment among parents that this is further downloading costs on to parents, on top of the ongoing cuts to programs and services in schools. $200 per child is quite a significant expense for some families, and my fear is that it won't stop here.

Scholar to Discuss Violence and Islam at Selkirk College Mir Lecture Series Event

Dr. Amir Hussain will speak at a Selkirk College Mir Lecture Series event on May 4 in Nelson. The religious scholar says it’s important to keep Islam-inspired terror attacks in perspective because it’s only a tiny fraction of the violence that occurs in North America daily.

Beheadings, suicide bombings and civil war. Horrific attacks in Brussels and San Bernardino.

There is no shortage of examples of the violence that rocks the Islamic world. Shocking pictures and gruesome acts done in the name of religion seem to appear daily on our news feeds. The media hammers the point home—that Muslim extremists are threatening Western interests, Western values, and even people in their homes. It’s a message that politicians in North America have seized on to gather power and popularity.

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