West Arm Provinical Park to grow by 1,219 hectares — Caribou population benefits

West Arm Provincial Park is one of six BC parks to be expanded under Bill 8.

Environment Minister Mary Polak has announced that the West Arm Provincial Park is one of six BC parks to be expanded under Bill 8 which was introduced on March 2.

The park will gain 1,219 hectares on the south eastern edge directly behind Ymir peak.

The land is owned by the Crown, which  acquired two parcels of land totaling 1,219 hectares on March 31, 2005 from Pluto Darkwoods Corporation according to the Minister.

Government introduces legislation to enhance regulations for e-cigarettes

Governments look to control latest crave of some people, e-cigarettes.

British Columbia has introduced amendments to the Tobacco Control Act to regulate e-cigarettes, legislation that will help stop the growing use of e-cigarettes by young people in B.C.

“More and more young people are using e-cigarettes,” said Health Minister Terry Lake.

“This legislation will limit the exposure to children of the possible dangers of e-cigarette vapour and the potential that e-cigarettes have to normalize smoking behaviour."

$50,000 buys city new revenue stream/saves 'critical' service

$50,000 buys city new revenue stream/saves 'critical' service

A new agreement with the Southeast Fire Centre will see the city spending roughly $50,000 initially – but recouping the loss over the term of the agreement and creating a new revenue stream for the city while ensuring the city's continuing role as the operations base for an important regional service.

City illuminates both process and walkway

City illuminates both process and walkway

As the city budget process gets into full swing, a public question at city council’s regular meeting Monday night has the city illuminating both the decision-making process and the Millennium Walkway for residents.

A question regarding repair of the Millennium Walkway lights (roughly one in every three lamps needs fixing on the south leg of the pathway after catastrophic floodwaters two years ago shorted the electrical systems – four or five in total) prompted Councillor Florio Vassilakakis to explain why the city is exploring solar versus LED alternatives.

OP/ED: MP speaks to Bill C-51

OP/ED: MP speaks to Bill C-51

There has been a great deal in the news over the past few weeks about C-51, the government’s news Anti-Terrorism Act.  It is another one in a series of omnibus bills and contains 62 pages covering everything from expanding the mandate of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to allowing police to seize terrorist propaganda while making it easier to share information between government departments.

On the surface, it appears fairly clear: we are faced with a terrorist threat.  C-51 will make our country a safer place.

City to increase enforcement of animal bylaws in city parks

City to increase enforcement of animal bylaws in city parks

The city intends to increase its efforts to minimize dog conflicts in all city Parks. Dogs are currently required to be leashed and the city will increase its bylaw enforcement of these regulations and, in certain cases, the city will be levying fines to enforce compliance for the safety of all park users.
The city’s Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw 572 prohibits dogs from being at large in public spaces.

“At large" means:

Luterbach says only cafe to close, alternative education program to continue

Luterbach says only cafe to close, alternative education program to continue

Letter re: closure of Old School Cafe:

In 2010, the school district was looking for a space in Castlegar which would allow us to open an alternate learning opportunity for students not currently attending school due to anxiety challenges. An aspect of the program we wanted to provide was an opportunity for students to interact with the community on an ongoing basis. After looking at a number of locations, we leased a former restaurant space in downtown Castlegar. When we originally envisioned the educational program, it was not our intent to run a restaurant but, once that space was found, we attempted to put a number of components together and try something innovative.

GF manager of operations gives notice

GF manager of operations gives notice

The City of Grand Forks announces today that Roger Huston, Manager of Operations for the City, has left the organization.

“We are extremely sad to see Roger go, he was a great addition to the organization, and worked really well with the Public Works team and the public. We wish him well in his new position,” said Doug Allin, Chief Administrative Officer for the City.

Huston joined the City in the spring of 2014 and will be furthering his career in the South Okanagan.

PharmaCare deal for seven drugs saves millions, ensures supply

Some drugs just got cheaper for BC residents.

B.C. residents will be getting the best possible price for seven important prescription medications while ensuring drug supply, out of PharmaCare’s open and fair price submission competition process.

Health Minister Terry Lake announced today that B.C.’s PharmaCare program, through its annual price submission process, has confirmed Accel Pharma, Ranbaxy Canada and Septa Pharmaceuticals will be sole suppliers to PharmaCare for seven generic drugs beginning April 1, 2015.

This sole supply arrangement will save PharmaCare more than $2 million a year.

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