Sometimes parents worry about their child’s eating habits.

Is she eating a balanced diet? Is he eating too much? Is she eating too little? There is not one right amount of food children need to grow. How much food children need is based on many factors such as their height, activity level, and how
quickly their body burns calories.

Picky eating is when children refuse foods often or only want the same food over and over. Many parents worry that their picky eaters are not getting enough nutrition to grow. But in most cases, they are. In fact, 50% of parents think their children are picky eaters. But 95% of healthy babies and toddlers meet all their nutrient needs.

The best way to know if your child is growing well is to ask yourself whether he or she enjoys eating and has the energy to play and interact with others.

Consult your doctor or a public health nurse if you have any concerns regarding your child’s health and development.

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