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by aeon on Monday May 20 2019

By Daniel Callcut, for Aeon

Imagine you work at a latex glove factory. One night, you type ‘latex’ into Google: you’re searching for competitors’ products, but you find other things too. Some of what you find turns you on. But some of it you wish you could unsee: prior to the search, it was morally unthinkable. 

by Sara Golling on Monday May 20 2019

Readers may well wonder about the “danger” mentioned in this headline.  The value of climate change adaptation is obvious to the well-informed: it will help willing residents and their communities better survive the extremes that climate change is bringing.

by Dan Kraus on Thursday May 16 2019

This week, representatives of 132 governments around the world released a United Nations report that issues a stark warning:  the accelerating deterioration of nature is jeopardizing humanity’s collective future. The report is the most comprehensive-ever study of life on Earth.

by Sara Golling on Wednesday May 15 2019

We’ve heard a lot recently about the appalling amount of plastic waste being dumped into the world’s oceans and other waterways, and how plastic particles (both micro and macro) are killing off many animals that live and feed in and around the oceans. 

by aeon on Monday May 13 2019

By George Estreich, for Aeon

by Letters to the ... on Sunday May 12 2019

To The Editor:

This Fall, the call will come for the opportunity to run the business of the nation. 

by Letters to the ... on Friday May 10 2019

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Dear Minister Conroy,

by David Suzuki on Wednesday May 08 2019

Electric vehicles won’t save us from runaway climate change, but they’re part of the solution, along with support for public transit and active transport like waking and cycling. The transportation sector accounts for almost one-quarter of the world’s carbon emissions, so it’s an area where change is necessary and possible.

by aeon on Wednesday May 08 2019

By Charles Fox, in Aeon

by Linda Larson on Monday May 06 2019

This has been a spring that has been painfully slow but the blossoms are starting to pop which is always a good sign. And, of course, it will be summer and extremely hot before we can blink.