General Job Description
The Kettle Valley Food Co-op (KVFC) is a Producer/Consumer Co-operative based in Grand Forks BC, providing marketing and distribution services to local food producers in the Kettle River Valley. KVFC is seeking an intelligent, highly motivated individual to co-ordinate and assist with a Strategic Planning Process and Marketing Strategy for Co-op.    

Skills Required
Computer literacy, access to own computer and phone
Familiarity or enthusiastic interest in Food Co-ops
Highly motivated self starter, ability to work unsupervised
Excellent communication and organizational skills
Ability to multitask, work under time constraints and meet deadlines.
Excellent research and report writing skills

Responsibilities Include:
    •    Recruit consultant/s to facilitate a Strategic Planning process and work with consultant/s as a research assistant.
    •    Ensure Co-op membership has adequate opportunities to engage in the strategic planning process, and keep the membership informed of the process.
    •    Follow directions as given by the board and reporting back to the board as requested.
    •    Fulfill the contract guidelines within the given time and budget, recruiting assistance as needed.
Contract Date Starts: Apr 1st 2011 to June 15th 2011
Contract Fee: $6000.00

Closing Date:  March 18, 2011
Applications may be sent to:         hiring@kettlevalleyfoodcoop.org  OR

                    Box 207,
                    Grand Forks, BC
                    V0H 1H0