Lights, Camera, Retrofit Action: Efficiency and Resiliency take the stage at RDKB HomeSmart Launch  

January 2nd, 2024

RDKB HomeSmart, a free home retrofit guidance service, officially launches to the public this month.

Designed to simplify the energy-efficient and resilient home improvement process, the project is supported by the Columbia Basin Trust, FortisBC, as well as the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

Freya Phillips, RDKB’s Senior Energy Specialist, emphasizes the importance of the program, designed to offer residents a streamlined journey towards a more sustainable and comfortable living environment.

“RDKB HomeSmart is a significant step towards creating efficient and resilient homes in our community,” Phillips explained.

“We’re proud to offer a service that not only reduces energy consumption but also prepares homes for the challenges of a changing climate.”

Raven Atherton, the newly appointed Retrofit Program Coordinator for RDKB HomeSmart, says the goal is to make the retrofit journey accessible and straightforward for residents.

“From the initial sign-up to enjoying the home improvements, RDKB HomeSmart provides comprehensive support at every step,” Atherton said.

As part of the launch, RDKB HomeSmart enlisted the participation of its own staff in a pre-launch trial.

“RDKB HomeSmart saved me a lot of time and confusion,” one staff member remarked.

“The team has helped me identify all the different rebates and loans available so I can make a retrofit and resiliency plan.”

This firsthand testimonial reflects the service’s commitment to simplicity, efficiency and resiliency.

Residents can visit homesmart.rdkb.com for more information, to sign up, and kickstart their retrofit journey. Enquiries can also be directed to RDKB HomeSmart via phone at 250.368.0284 or by email at homesmart@rdkb.com.

Efficient and resilient retrofits are vital for reducing energy consumption, lowering costs, and future-proofing homes.

By joining RDKB HomeSmart, participants gain access to a range of benefits, including time-saving processes, simplified navigation of rebates and loans, and expert guidance from a knowledgeable independent team.

“We’ve designed RDKB HomeSmart to be a one-stop solution,” Raven Atherton added.

“Our process involves signing up, discussing priorities with me, explaining how the professional assessments are done, and which local registered contractors can implement the improvements needed.  The ultimate goal is for residents to enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and resilient home.”

The appointment of Raven Atherton and the launch of the RDKB HomeSmart program align with the RDKB’s commitment to implementing its five-year climate action plan.

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