Interior Lumber Manufacturers' Association speaks to RDKB board

December 10th, 2021

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary recently helds its monthly board meeting.

Here is a capsule look at some of the decisions. Next RDKB meeting is January 12, 2022 at 1 p.m. on Zoom.

Board hears from Forest Industry on Old Growth Deferral

The Board welcomed representatives from the Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association who spoke to the impacts of the Provincial government’s Old Growth Deferral.

The delegation stated that 70,000 ha of approved cutting permits in the region will be affected by the temporary pause on harvest and development planning. The representatives expressed that the deferral could be debilitating for the many ILMA members and their employees who live and work in the RDKB.

The Board will request a meeting with Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, to discuss the Old Growth Deferral and its impact on regional district communities and residents.

Board Supports Grant Request for Little Red Schoolhouse

The Board will send a letter of support to the Trails to the Boundary Society to accompany its application to Heritage BC for a grant for the Little Red Schoolhouse. Grant monies will fund architectural and engineering fees for the renovation of the historic building.

The RDKB moves on North-South Corridor Initiative

The RDKB will send a letter to the Province of BC requesting information about the condition and future of the Waneta Bridge and the north-south transportation corridor connecting Washington State to the Trans-Canada Highway.

The RDKB is concerned about the future economic growth of our region and is witnessing continued interest in businesses moving to the area. A long-term need for improved transportation networks to our border has been identified. Currently, much of the heavy- goods traffic through the lower Columbia region leaves the valley and travels up through the

City of Rossland to return downhill to the Paterson border crossing. The Board is concerned about safety on the highways, especially in winter conditions; further, all traffic passes directly through the busy downtown core of Rossland and through elementary school zones.

Environmental improvements can also be realized if major commercial traffic has an alternate option, significantly reducing the vehicle emissions associated with road climbs to and from the border.

RDKB Consents to Greenwood Supplying Water to Anaconda

The Board consented to the City of Greenwood continuing to supply water and undertaking maintenance and repair of the water distribution system that serves 49 homes in Anaconda.

The City of Greenwood will be able to enter into contracts with water users for cost recovery associated with the supply of water and the maintenance and repair of the Anaconda water distribution.

Beaverdell Community Club Service gets Increase to Tax Requisition

The Board adopted Bylaw 1782, which amends the Beaverdell Community Club Service Establishment bylaw. The amendment will raise the amount that can be requisitioned annually by 25%, thereby enabling the service to raise and access more funds.


Board-approved funding to local groups/projects Area E/West Boundary:

  • Boundary District Curling Club – Insurance and Building Operations: $2,000
  • Greenwood Community Association – Community Christmas Take Out Dinners: $300
  • Red Earth Medicine: Foundation of Indigenous Ways of Knowing – Food, facility rental, gas cards, honoraria, supplies: $1,500
  • Rock Creek & Boundary Fair Association – Revenue Replacement Due to COVID-19 Restrictions: $2,000
  • Rock Creek Community Medical Society – Maintenance, Building Operations and Insurance: $2,000

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