Grand Forks Residents Call for New Forest Act

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March 29th, 2021

In response to the catastrophic flood of 2018, residents of Grand Forks and the Boundary region said in a media release that they have undertaken a project to reform forestry practices in their watershed and turn forest management over to local citizens. 

The release said the first part of the project is a report.

“The new Forest Act must enshrine in law a new concept of sustainability that puts ecosystem integrity and resilience above all else,” said Board member, Jennifer Houghton in the media release.

“There is too much at stake to continue with the out-dated, costly forestry system.”

Produced by citizens group Boundary Forest Watershed Stewardship Society, the report identifies how forest management is playing a role in flooding, is damaging the environment, and is resulting in a decline in jobs. 

The report, A Brighter Future for Boundary Forests:  The Case for Nature-Based Planning Supported by a Community Forest Board, calls for two things:

1.  The immediate creation of a new BC Forest Act so that forest decisions are based on ecosystem and conservation science, not politics or corporate profits. 

2.  A  pilot project carried out in the Boundary watershed that:

  • a.      Implements Nature-Based forestry which makes ecological resilience the primary goal (including protecting old growth).
  • b.      A Community Forest Board that allows local citizens to oversee management of public forest land.

“We want local people managing our forests based on ecological principles and giving undivided loyalty to citizens,” said President of the citizen’s society, Roy Schiesser.

“We need a new Forest Act to make that happen”. 

Download the report (produced as 2 parts): https://www.boundaryforest.org/

Executive Summary only: https://www.boundaryforest.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/BFWSS-2021-REPORT-EXECUTIVE-SUMMARY-condensed.pdf


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