Demonstrations planned for Grand Forks, Kamloops, Victoria in support of Boundary City resident

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
March 29th, 2021

Demonstrations in support of a Boundary City resident are being planned for Kamloops, Grand Forks and the BC Legislature in Victoria Monday.

In a media release, supporters for Grand Forks resident said Jaime Massey was sent a letter last week for a court hearing in Kamloops for the foreclosure of her property due to the massive flood in the Boundary City in May of 2018.

“She received that letter by regular mail on March 23rd giving her no time to prepare for the hearing,” the media release said.

“The foreclosure hearing is scheduled for 9:45 am PST at the Kamloops Courthouse, 455 Columbia Street, on Monday March 29, 2021.”

Massey supporters said the bank appraises the flooded property at $85,000 when its actual value is zero dollars because the land is on a flood plain and cannot be built on.

“Foreclosure would mean that Jaime Massey would owe $192,000 and maybe more if (bank) charges more mortgage interest on the property, an amount that  would take Jaime Massey all her remaining life to pay this off,” the media release said.

The media release said on July 13, 2020, Jaime Massey and others filed notice of a class action lawsuit against some local mills as well as a native band in the Okanagan alleging that logging by the defendants was a major cause of the May 2018 flood that destroyed the Massey home.

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