March 28 update on COVID-19 in BC

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March 28th, 2020

The BC CDC says there are now 884 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in BC as of March 28, 2020.

  • 396 recovered in BC;
  • 17 deaths in BC;
  • Cases by region:

    • 291 in Fraser Health;
    • 77 in Interior Health;
    • 60 in Island Health;
    • 12 in Northern Health;
    • 444 in Vancouver Coastal Health;
  • 36,643 tests complete.  
Epidemic curve, confirmed COVID-19 cases in BC by episode date January 1-March 27, 2020 (N=791*)

Episode date is based on symptom onset date (n=513), if not available then on date COVID-19 was reported to the health authority (n=278). There is 1 case with missing information. (Click to enlarge).
How to interpret the epidemic curve: There is an expected delay from the beginning of a person’s illness (symptom onset date) to the date the laboratory confirms and reports the illness (reported date). Newly reported cases have only reported date available and appear on the far right hand side of the curve, but their onset of symptoms would have been prior to this. As information on symptom onset becomes available through public health investigation, cases in light yellow are expected to shift left on the curve to earlier dates (in dark yellow). 
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