LETTER: Coping with COVID-19 means caring for body and mind

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
March 25th, 2020

Ed. Note: The following was posted by a reader as a comment on The Castlegar Source, and seemed worthwhile sharing as a letter.

Hiya peeps! A bit of self-therapy and a quick thought for us all:

I trust you are already taking up best practices and following advice from reputable sources. I also hope that this note finds you feeling healthy, both physically and mentally.

I’ve been exploring ways to help combat the on and off again feelings of anxiety and unease I’ve noted in myself over the past few days, and I’ve just realized something for myself that I’d like to share. Allow me if you will:

As much as social media is an amazing tool for information and connecting, the information part can be overwhelming. Its worldwide reach brings far more news and information than any mind can typically and/or at least properly, process and keep in perspective.

I’ve found that limiting myself to factual, relevant, local and non-sensationalized media sources, really helps to keep the gnawing feeling outta my gut. And I feel even better when I communicate online only with real people I know, (ie avoid the comment threads!), and better again when I unplug completely and get busy with a real world visit, task, errand or pleasure…..

Focus on the connecting part. Family, friends and community. Keep yourself informed as far as to what we need to do to minimize the risk, but the closer to home you focus, the better you may feel…The rest of the world is what it is and is largely out of our control, don’t let it overwhelm you.

Try snoozing for 30 days any page or person that you think might be bringing extraneous info into your world. Be selective on which, or how many posts you read. Stay informed from local sources. Take the time to connect to yourself, your family your work and your community. Fight the fear. Be calm, kind, and compassionate to each other. The long term effects of this situation will work out eventually. Focus on the things that will matter in days and weeks, not months.

Hope that helps. And thanks for reading, I feel better too…

Paul Gould

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