Localized flooding in the Boundary prompts RDKB to raise status to Level 2

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
May 7th, 2018

The RDKB Emergency Operations Centre in Grand Forks raised its status to Level 2 Sunday in response to rising river levels across the Boundary, and a forecast of increasing levels through to the end of the week.

In a media release, the RDKB said high waters have resulted in localized flooding adjacent to the Kettle River, West Kettle River, the Granby River and Boundary Creek in the Boundary Region in southern British Columbia.

“Emergency Operations Centre staff are prepared to respond to the changing flood conditions” said Chris Marsh, Emergency Program Manager. “We have staff reviewing the areas potentially impacted by the flooding and are making plans in the event of any evacuation alerts or orders.”

The current situation:

  • All rivers and major creeks are forecast to continue rising through next week
  • Fields and pastures adjacent to rivers are flooding
  • Minor flooding on Manly Meadows Road near Grand Forks and Blythe Rhone Road near Westbridge
  • Country Hideaway (east of Grand Forks) and Little Dipper (near Westbridge) campgrounds are flooded
  • Grand Forks River pathways and the TransCanada Trail near Westbridge are flooded
  • Grand Forks City Park is flooded and the campground is closed

Empty sand bags and sand are available at locations across the Boundary. Residents who think they will be impacted by floodwater are advised to call 1(888)747-9119 or visit www.rdkb.com to get the sandbag locations.

The rivers are predicted by river monitoring authorities to continue to rise until later this week, however heavy rains and/or high temperatures could cause the rivers to behave differently than predicted. Exercise extreme caution when moving near flooding rivers. The Province of BC River Forecast Centre publishes current Flood Warnings and Advisories. The Northwest River Forecast Center in Washington State also publishes river forecasts, trends, and statistics.


It is extremely important to be safe when near floodwater. River levels can rise quickly and currents can be unpredictable. The ground can be soft and unstable causing extremely poor footing. Exercise extreme caution.

The RDKB will continue to provide regular public updates in the coming days.

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