Don't fall for 'CRA' scams

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
March 21st, 2018

SCAMS: callers purporting to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are again, or still, targeting residents. The caller will provide a name, and say that the resident owes back taxes and fees; he or she may also threaten the resident with a visit from the police if the resident fails to pay.  A new twist to the tired old CRA scams is a letter that looks as if it comes from the CRA, telling the resident that he or she must “update” personal information.

Or a person may get an electronic communication promising repayment of an over-charge, and instructing the person to click a link to obtain the money. Do not click that link.

Do not provide any payment or send any personal information.  The CRA would not contact anyone by phone by e-mail and demand payment or personal identification details, or that anyone click a link for repayment of an overcharge.

“The CRA takes these matters very seriously and provides substantial information to Canadians about how to protect themselves from scams undertaken using the CRA’s name.  Informing yourself is particularly important during the tax season, when such scams peak,” stated the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue.

The information can be found on the CRA website, including examples of actual scam phone calls.  Check the link below and find a wealth of information on these scams:


Meanwhile, if someone sounding stern and saying that he is “an agent of the CRA” phones you, just hang up.

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