Credit Unions join together to offer VirtualWealth

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December 3rd, 2017

Until recently, investors could work with an advisor or they could self-manage their own investments. Now there’s another option: robo-advice (or digital advice). In partnership with Qtrade Financial Group, EKC, Nelson and District Credit and Grand Forks credit unions are offering VirtualWealth to its members.

VirtualWealth is a simple, easy-to-use online investing service that matches investors with a tailored portfolio based on their goals, timeline and tolerance for risk. Each portfolio holds a professionally managed, well-diversified mix of low-cost exchange-traded funds, which is automatically rebalanced to the investor’s target asset allocation.

“We’re proud to offer this innovative service to our members, because it provides them with more choices and more flexibility when it comes to investing, said Jay Corrado, GM. “Investors who value a face-to-face relationship can have expert advice from a qualified advisor. And those who want a really simple and convenient online portfolio service can choose VirtualWealth.”

“We’re excited about introducing a high-quality digital advice service

that extends our partners’ suite of competitive wealth management solutions and enhances their ability to meet the advice preferences of all their members,” said Catherine Wood, Senior VP and Head of Online Brokerage and Digital Advice with Qtrade Financial Group. “VirtualWealth delivers the ease-of-use and personalized approach that investors now expect from digital services.”

Getting started with VirtualWealth is quick and easy. Investors answer a set of risk- and goal-based questions, and the service suggests a portfolio designed to deliver the right balance between growth potential and capital protection. The entirely digital (paperless) onboarding and funding process takes just a few minutes to complete.

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