Alcohol gets better of some CannaFest Music goers

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
August 17th, 2017

Grand Forks RCMP said police had to deal with a few alcohol incidents at the three-day Cannafest 2017 Music Festival.

“In general, the attendees at “Cannafest” were a well-behaved crowd,” said Sgt. Jim Fenske Detachment Commander at Grand Forks RCMP.

“However, despite warnings from the police and event organizers, Grand Forks RCMP did write approximately 40 violation tickets for Liquor Act violations, and four people were lodged in cells for public intoxication.”

Fenske also said a few mountain bikes went missing from the downtown campground.

“There were several expensive mountain bikes stolen in the area of the City of Grand Forks Campground and in the downtown core in recent days,” he said.

Fenske said RCMP returned most of these bikes with the aid of citizens and the City of Grand Forks Bylaw Officer.

“As always, please try and secure your valuables as best as you can,” Fenske said.

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