Local Air Cadets meet Snowbirds in Grand Forks

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July 27th, 2017

During the last week’s Grand Forks Airshow, Air Cadets from Trail, Nelson and Grand Forks had the chance to meet the Pilots and Ground Crew of 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds.

The cadets who were also helping out at the airshow where able meet the ground crew before the show and the pilots after the show.
Master Corporal Russel Egler, the Deputy Crew Chief Avionics Technician for the Snowbirds showed the cadets the inside of Snowbird 5 and answered questions about the maintainers that keep the RCAF flying.

After the show, the cadets meet several of the Snowbird pilots. The cadets learned that of the current pilots in the Snowbirds, almost half earned their pilot licences with the Air Cadet program.

Quick Facts

  • Every summer approximately 50 BC Air Cadets earn their Gliders Pilots Licence and 30 Cadets earn their Power Pilots Licence. Overall, 40% of the cadets in BC attend summer training at locations throughout Canada.
  • There is little or no cost for the cadets to be a member of Air Cadets and Summer Training is no cost.

841 Grand Fork Boundary Squadron is the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Grand Forks BC. It was formed initially in 1976 and moved to Midway in the late
1980’s. After being non-operational for several years, the squadron reopened in Grand Forks in the early 2000’s.

The squadron provides a low cost activity for teenagers aged 12 to 18 who reside in Grand Fords, Midway, Greenwood and Christina Lake areas. The training
includes Leadership, Outdoor Survival, Music, Aviation and other skills.

Advanced summer training programs such as Power and Glider Pilot License, Music, Sports and Fitness, Range, Leadership, Music and International Exchange
are also available.

Certain Cadet Training levels and advanced courses may be applied as academic credits toward high school graduation.

The Squadron meets once per week on Tuesday evenings at the Grand Forks Legion Hall (7353 6th St) from 6 pm to 9 pm.


Air Cadets is a partnership between the Air Cadet League of Canada, a civilian organization, and the Department of Nation Defense.

Locally, the Squadron’s sponsor is the 841 Parent Association. Their role is to provide funding and support for items not supplied by the Department of National
Defence. Any member of the community is welcome to become a member f the local Sponsor.

The current chairs of the Sponsor is Dawna Small and Chantell Evers.


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