Piranhas break meet records; come is second as a team in Colville

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
July 11th, 2017

The Grand Forks Piranhas Swim Club took their winning mojo across the border last weekend, to place second overall with a total of 2284 points for the team. Colville, the home team, won the meet with 2870 points. 

This meet, which the swimmers often call the most fun meet of the year, gives the competitors a chance to try different races. Some division 3 and 4 swimmers got to compete in longer race events. 

Julie Chursinoff swam in the 100m backstroke for the first time. Kassy Haslam, Alexandra Larson and Paige Chursinoff all swam in the 100m buttefly event. Alexandra and Ashlyn LeRoy both took part in the 200m Individual Medley (IM) 

Each club was also able to send one swimmer to participate in the “Guts and Glory” 400m IM event. For this event, they swim 100-metres in each stroke: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Brett Friesen competed in this event and as a division 1, was one of the youngest swimmers. He finished with a time of 12:31.5, making his whole team proud, said coach Samantta Villanueva. 

It wasn’t just the parents that got into the water at this meet. The Colville club had a relay event for the parents of swimmers. Each club participated in a 200-metre medley relay where each swimmer does 50metres of one of the medley strokes. The parent-team consisted of Arden Tyoschin, Richard Friesen, Laura Lewis and Krista Chursinoff and finished with a time of 3:12.54 — they beat the Div. 3 boys medley time by one second. 

Several of the Grand Forks swimmers broke meet records over the weekend. 

Shian Corbeil beat the 1995 record of 1:13.58 in the Girls Div. 5 100m Butterfly with a new record of 1:09.62. 

Jasmine Konken beat the 2010 record of 32.34 in the Girls Div. 4 50m Freestyle with a new record of 31.89. Girls div 4 50 free with 31.89 

Kiyomi Dunnet beat two records. The first, 31.84 from 2003 was in the Girls Div. 5 50m with a new record of 30.88. The second, 28.81 from 2003, was the 50m Freestyle with a new time of 28.39. 

Shian Corbeil, Jasmine Konken, Luella Faulkner, Kyomi Dunnet beat the 2001 time of 2:05:47 in Girls Div. 5 200m Freestyle Relay with a new record of 2:05:24.

Aggregate medals:

Div 1 Boys: Kazuaki Dunnet; 2nd

Div 2 Girls: Fairyn Burroughs; 3rd, Emma Lewis; 2nd, 

Div 2 Boys: Lincoln Faulkner; 1st.

Div 3 Boys: Kohei Dunnet; 1st

Div 5 Girls: Shian Corbeil; tied 2nd, Kiyomi; 1st. 

Div 6 Boys: Coach Ethan; 1st

Div 8 Women: Samantha Hawes; 3rd, and 

Div 8 Men: Sasha Tyoschin; tied1st. 

The team is competing in Castlegar this weekend, but not before doing a yard sale fundraiser this Friday, July 14th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Overwaitea across from the farmer’s market. 

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