Letter: Not perfect, but still the best choice

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May 2nd, 2017

To The Editor:

The news from Alberta is that NDP Premier Rachel Notley has forbidden her staff from working for the BC NDP leading up to the May 9 election.  Even Notley, as an NDP Premier, realizes that the economic health of BC, Alberta and Canada depend upon the export of energy via safe, modern pipelines.  

Understandably, she is against BC NDP leader John Horgan who is dead-set against LNG, Site C clean, sustainable electricity, Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain and all of the high-paying jobs these projects create, not to mention the extensive economic advantage to all communities.

I get the impression that some people think the BC Liberals are past-due, or they are against a particular candidate because he or she is not strong on their one hot button issue.  Looking further into the future, the NDP would be an economic disaster for BC.  
Notley’s NDP have created an economic disaster in Alberta since 2015, piling up a $45 billion debt.  Horgan’s NDP would be that much worse. Horgan is a firm believer in the Leap Manifesto.
The BC NDP will spend like drunken sailors.  Pipelines will not be built.  LNG will not be sold.  Farms will be unionized.  Jobs will disappear.  Lumber will not be shipped.  Minerals will not be mined.  Taxes and fees will increase.  Photo radar will dot the roads to try and pay for the programs.  Government bureaucracy will skyrocket.
The BC Liberals may not be perfect but they are clearly the best choice for the future of BC at this point in time.
Jim Thornton, Osoyoos BC
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