LETTER: Resident less-than-pleased with city's new garbage collection

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
April 10th, 2016

So, what is everyone’s honest opinion of Castlegar’s new garbage bins and method of collection?

I rent, so I don’t even have my bin as of yet and garbage collection is this coming Wednesday. My landlords have requested one.

I don’t have anywhere to keep my garbage. If I put my old garbage can on the front patio, it is available to the bears that are now making their presence known. So the patio that is right off of my living room is home to two weeks collection of garbage and this totally disgusts me. I hate having garbage lying around, it is just not who I am. Not to mention that the weather is getting nice and warm … need I say more? I do not have space for a big old freezer to freeze stinky garbage.

Then I wonder who is going to be wheeling that bin up and down the hill that I live on? The bin is heavy and the hill is steep. Summer is one concern, winter will be a nightmare … (my) hill is one of the last to get plowed. I leave bright and early for work and don’t return home until roughly 11 hours later. I am not interested in dealing with a heavy garbage bin in any way. Not to mention that I would prefer my uniform not to reek of garbage!! Will the garbage truck come up and empty my landlords and my bins???

I also don’t have extra space to keep the bin out of bear’s harm…and pictures recently posted have shown the damage that has already been done to the bins by the bears. I have heard that the bins are not cheap, so who replaces them if taken or damaged?

I feel that this new arrangement was not well thought-out and I am very disappointed. Not everyone who has the bins is young and lives directly off the street. Questions have been asked and I know phone calls have not been returned.

I love my city and proud of all its recent growth, but this is not one of the projects that I am proud of.

Sherilynn Babaeff

Castlegar, B.C.

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