B.C. mayors council calls on federal candidates to speak to climate change

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By Castlegar Source
October 5th, 2015

The B.C. Mayors Climate Leadership Council (BCMCLC) is calling for B.C.-based Federal Parliamentary Candidates to outline how they and their parties will respond to the challenge of climate change and the need for energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction.

Communities across BC are experiencing climate change impacts such as pine beetle, forest fires, and increased severity of storms. Over 100 local governments across B.C., representing over 75 per cent of B.C.’s population, are demonstrating leadership by implementing community-wide Energy Plans that reduce greenhouse gases, conserve energy, and build the local economy.
“Castlegar has long been at the fore-front of this, leaders in anticipation and action in addressing climate change,” said Castlegar Mayor Lawrence Chernoff. “The ideal, here, is to pull as many people (and levels of government) into it as possible, so that together we can build momentum and increase our collective impact, be it through increased buying power, more political will, more effective idea sharing, or what have you.”

The BCMCLC chair concurred.

“Over 10,000 actions have been taken by B.C. municipalities over the past four years based on the Climate Action Charter partnership with the Province,” said BCMCLC Chair Richard Walton, Mayor of the District of North Vancouver.

Luke Strimbold, Mayor of Burns Lake, added, “Municipal and individual efforts need the support and leadership of the federal government and BCMCLC looks forward to working with any federal government that approaches the problems of energy conservation, climate change and adaptation with the comprehensive and serious approach that these challenges warrant.”

A mayors council press release today said, “the BCMCLC collaboration of mayors from across B.C. with all three of B.C.’s main political parties is a living example of climate action moving beyond partisan politics.”


The BC Mayors Climate Leadership Council was formed six years ago to recognize and support local government leaders who are taking action to address climate change in their communities. The elected representatives must have made a commitment to climate action while the communities they represent must have a proven track record of action to reduce greenhouse gas emission while focusing on creating more sustainable communities.

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