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By Boundary Sentinel
August 10th, 2015

This is an easy, family-friendly loop that starts just off of the North Fork Road on the edge of Grand Forks. 

To reach the trail head, turn north on the North Fork Road/Franklin Road drive for 1.75 km. If you see Ward Road, you have just missed the parking spot by seconds. 

On the East side of the road, you’ll see a parking lot for people using the trail. This is where the Kettle Valley Rail Trail and the Trans Canada Trail overlap. 

Park your car here and carefully cross North Fork Road. The trail is clearly visible and well-maintained. 

From here, the directions are straight forward. Follow the trail until you get to Eagle Ridge Road. Turn East (right) on Eagle Ridge road to head back to the North Fork road. 

You don’t need to walk on busy North Fork Road all the way back to your car. There is a side road you can follow most of the way that runs parallel to North Fork. 


Geocaching: There are plenty of geocaching opportunities on this trail. 

Option B: Turn around when you reach Eagle Ridge Road and follow the trail back the way you came. 

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