LETTER: Canadian election system fundamentally undemocratic

By Contributor
August 4th, 2015

What good can come of an election, where a fraudulent, discriminatory disconnection exists between the Canadian voter, and those who Rule?

Canada, and its working class, at this moment are held in a death grip by traitorous political powers. Powers, which cannot be seen to be serving the interests of Canada’s popular majority, or providing Governance in Canada’s best interests. The entire Westminster system of domination, which has been entrenched at Ottawa, and which has subordinate offices spread out, and set up in the Capital Cities of the Nation, is a totally un-democratic, and un-servile, system of Governance. Those who impose Westminster’s Imperial, top down authority, are sworn agents, and are found in middleman organizations, which we (Canadians) know as political parties.

Most Canadians have never considered, or given adequate thought, to the question of what a political party actually is, or how it must operate according to law. It is as if, Canadians believe that the political parties are somehow a part of the Government, but in reality, they are no part of Government, they are private special interest clubs, owned, and directed, by paid up members, to the exclusion of all who are not paid up members. Total party membership numbers (major parties) seldom if ever get beyond 2% of Canada’s popular majority (24’000’000 voters), and that 2%, are the only ones entitled to have their interests represented by that specific party, should it attain governing status.

Basic reasoning tell us, that no party with only 2% of the people behind it, has any chance of being elected to governing status by that 2%, which is its members. So what these parties do, is claim to be democratic, keep their total membership numbers under wraps, and boldly promote themselves as being the loyal, democratic representatives of all of the people. It’s a total lie, but for generations, it has attracted the uninformed voter to support the lie, and has resulted in special interest parties rising to majority status, from where they proceeded to represent only the 2% (their paid up members). In that, folks is found the answer to the question; why is it, that when the voter votes, and elects a certain party, the party seems to never do what the voters wanted it to do?

Take the Conservative Party (CPC) under Harper, paid up membership around 2% of the registered voters list, that 2% did not elect the CPC and Harper to power, it was people were non-member who did that. I read, where Harper’s CPC was elected with only 39% of the vote, 37% of that 39%, were not members of the party, and so, while elected the party, they were not entitled to have their interests represented by the party, or by the Harper Government.

The second part of the disconnection, and the reason why no political party in Canada has the right to work for, or in the interests of Canada, and Canadians, is that they are sworn to serve the master authority of the Westminster system, and her heirs and successors, forever, a deed that in the doing makes very oath taker into an implanted foreign agent, who by oath must obediently serve the directives of a foreign power. That Oath excludes the both Canada, and the Voters, entirely canceling the whole notion of there being a Canadian democracy. The Westminster Parliamentary System serves only the 2%, and it does that job through imposing its domination, exploitation, and deprivation, upon the other 98%, who are the disappearing  middle class, and the tax payer working class.

Imperial domination evolved in the dark ages of slavery, but slavery became illegal, the profits fell, and the Westminster System was developed to replace the unlawful system, and recover lost profit. Basically, it is slavery reinvented, because just as before it is a means of dominating a people for profit, enslaving them without them understanding, that they slaves. Such domination and exploitation, imposed by 2% of the people is not democracy. But, that is the extent of democracy in Canada, where under the Westminster system, it is the 2% who rule, and profit, from their domination, and exploitation, which they (the 2%) impose upon Canada’s Resources, and  
the other 98% of Canadians. Think about it, every MP, and MLA, is picked by the 2%, sworn to represent the Party, which is owned by the 2%, then the nominated MP, or MLA goes out among their citizens, falsely claiming to be a people’s representative.

Fact:  No Candidate, who takes an oath of servitude, and obedience, to one entity, or group, has any right, or ability, to serve, obey, or represent, any other entity, or group. Therefore in all factuality, neither Canada, or  the People thereof, are being represented by the political parties, or the people they elect in their ridings.

We might elect them, but not one of them Swears an Oath to Canada, or to the People of Canada, thus we cannot hold them accountable. Maybe it’s time people began to stand up, and question, the representatives of the 2% (MPs &  MLAs), on exactly why we (the people) are not receiving a return on the wages, and super pensions, we are forced (by them) to forfeit?

Jean H. Broeckx
Castlegar, BC

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