Nelson man believes 'Lady Luck' on his side after tree crushes trailer during Monday's thunderstorm

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 1st, 2015

A Nelson man believes “Lady Luck” was on his side during Monday’s thunderstorm that rocked the Heritage City.

Richard Nelson, at home alone at the time of thunderstorm Monday evening, was inside the family dwelling at the Rosemont Trailer Park when a huge tree crashed through the roof as a result of the Gale Force winds the storm packed.

“I was watching the storm from the living room window when I saw two trees (next to the trailer) bend at a 45 degree angle,” Nelson told The Nelson Daily.

“I was kneeling on the couch seat, pulled back from the window and started to turtle to the floor with I heard a huge crack and then the crash of the roof on top of me,” Nelson added.

“I was able to push between the couch and the coffee table which I believed saved me.”

Nelson, thankful his wife Shawn Peters Nelson and son Colton were not at home during the storm, said he was somehow able crawl out of the house before a second tree struck the back of the trailer.

He ran to the neighbours, who called 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

Environment Canada called for the thunderstorm alert Monday, saying the storm could produce strong winds, dime-sized hail or heavy rains.

Both Rotary Lakeside Park and Gyro Park experienced extensive damage with several trees toppling over under the severe winds.

However, City of Nelson Public Works crews worked into the night Monday and all of Tuesday to clear the debris in time for Wednesday’s Canada Day Cememonies.

Nelson’s account is just one of many people experienced Sunday.

Vince DeVito said he was part of a group of Italian Society members working on the Bocce Pits at Rotary Lakeside Park.

DeVito and company saw the storm coming and ran for cover behind building at the Rotary Lakeside Park alleyway.

The group was a short distance away from a tree that crashed through the Seeds (Seniors Economic Environment Development Society) greenhouse.

Nelson suffered two fractured ribs and 25 stitches around his eye.

He spent time at Kootenay Lake Hospital before heading to Trail Regional Hospital to deal with his eye.

“I believe I am truly lucky to walk away with two fractured ribs and 25 stitches around the eye with no damage done to the eye itself,” Nelson explained.

The trailer is a total write off.

But Nelson is more thankful for being able to talk about his ordeal.

“We have lived there for 17 years,” he said. “Insurance company is taking a look at it and we’ll go from here.”

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