Police concerned with increase of poor driving habits on West Kootenay highways

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 29th, 2015

Police are concerned with the increase in speed and alcohol-related incidents on the highways in the region said Sgt. John Ferguson, NCO of the West Kootenay Traffic Services in a prepared statement Friday.

“The West Kootenay Traffic Services and Nelson Integrated Road Safety Unit are starting to see a very scary trend in our motoring public,” Ferguson said.

“Excessive speed which at times has been mixed with alcohol.”

Ferguson said the trend began during the long weekend in May when units stopped and seized six vehicles for traveling 40 kilometers per hour the posted speed limit.

Police also took two alcohol impaired drivers off the road.

However, the trend is continuing, which is alarming to police as officers once again took seven vehicles off the road traveling more than 40 km/hr over the posted speed limit.

“The highest speed was 170 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone,” Ferguson said.

“Of those seven drivers, two of them were also impaired by alcohol and another one received a three-day immediate roadside driving prohibition.”

Ferguson said three other separate impaired drivers were also apprehended.
“The public must slow down,” Ferguson said, adding the statistics do not include seatbelt and distracted drivers charges.

“The good weather has arrived early and the roads are becoming congested.

“Travelling at a high rate of speed will only get you to your destination maybe five minutes before the person travelling at the speed limit, that is if you get there at all.”

Ferguson said the WKTS and IRSU units are out in full enforcement and there will be no leniency to vehicles travelling well over the speed limit or people putting alcohol into their bodies and driving.

“Our aim is to have a safe summer and have the safest roads,” he said.
“We urge people to slow down and not drink alcohol and drive. Besides the monetary fines it will save your life or others.”

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