LETTER: Councillors play with smoke and mirrors

By Contributor
May 24th, 2015

Dear Editor,

As the one who a month ago launched the torpedo to sink the Habitat for Humanity project in Grand Forks, Coun. Chris Hammet now finds herself standing ankle deep in the old-Taylor-council doo-doo.

As per council tapes of the April 20th meeting, Hammet, under unannounced authority, is releasing “in-camera” data of the Allin/Taylor-council dealings of November 2014. Is she in “contempt of council” under Chapter 90? Why not lay it all out?

Then we have Coun. Wirshagin putting a motion forth to kill questions from the public at “committee-of-the-whole” city meetings. How sweet! He stands much deeper in the Taylor council doo-doo. He and Neil Krog were both part of it. More smoke and mirrors at city hall is not what Grand Forks requires or deserves.

From all appearances we will have to settle for drips and drabs of information on the $192,000.00 pay-out until the doo-doo hits the fan.

Interesting is how a one minute news clip on CBC even had the Grand Forks Gazette paying attention to the pay-out. I congratulate you on that.

By the time this letter reaches your readers well over 500 adult residents of the city will have signed the petition asking for a judicial review by the Attorney General of the Allin fire-hire decisions.

It is so wonderful to live in a country where it is still possible to engage in the democratic discourse regardless of attempts to muzzle. I ask all of your readers to take the time to read the petition in this matter.

Thank you,

Donald Pharand

Grand Forks 

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