LETTER: Funding for invasive species program not all good news

By Contributor
April 28th, 2015

The recent article in local media celebrating the public funding of the invasive weed program is one of many examples of pathetic behavior by our politicians that showcase why it is virtually impossible to have an honest intelligent discussion of the management of our province’s natural resources.

Cows traversing moderate steep grassland slopes create a major erosion problem which facilitates the spread of invasive weeds and yet this obvious problem is never brought forward in the never ending request for public money to address the problem.

The problem is in your face if you drive up the Gilpin logging road in October or better yet park your vehicle at the Boothman Ranch home site and walk the gas line to the eastern boundary of the Gilpin Grassland Park in November.

Politics is described as the art of compromise so would it not be smart for the Kootenay Boundary Regional District leaders responsible for the Kettle River Management Plan which has cost the taxpayer $250,000.00 to invite ranchers to a public meeting and make the case that future public funding of the Invasive Weed Program will only be supported if ranchers start a dialogue to remove domestic animals from the major tributaries of the Kettle River.

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