LETTER: School Board facing money crunch

By Contributor
March 3rd, 2015

 “What is happening is that government is requesting boards to cut administration spending.” It is about time for these admin spending cuts because  over the years they have grown in size in all districts. The money belongs in our schools I have watched this board administration costs from 12 years ago climb from over $300,000 when enrollment was high and we went to 4 day week  to now over $800,000 with student enrollment at 1285.

In our school district financial statements for 2013-14 personnal expenses above employee wages including trustees and administrators was $217,008.84 .The  mileage rate is 54 cents a kilometer maybe more under the  new contract which also ties into trustees raises as well.Now if you have an icbc claim and sustained injuries that require you  to travel to different medical appointments you get 25 cents a kilometer which has been the going rate over last 15 years. And icbc is the most lucrative insurance company in North America.

Do we need to belong to the British Columbia Trustees Association that has morphed into a politically motivated organization?How does the BCSTA enhance  learning outcomes?   It is not a compulsory membership and a few districts such as Kootenay 8 have withdrawn from BCSTA.  Its  funding comes from student enrollment in each school district,fees calculated on  $8000 per student funding.  Can we afford it plus is there any payback ? The BCSTA AGM is going to held at the Hyatt Regency .Extravagance of the highest order from our kids funding.Why such an expensive venue?I am sure a school in Vancouver with kitchen facilities and a auditoriums would be less expensive. I believe the BCSTA fees would be better spent on reopening our GFSS cafeteria and many other needs for our kids than put into some political black hole that caters to the status quo. 

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