Top five articles in the Boundary Sentinel for 2014

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By Boundary Sentinel
January 4th, 2015

One of the many perks of being a digital news source, is knowing exactly what our numbers are down to each individual pageview. With that in mind, we have gathered the top stories that were published on the Boundary Sentinel in 2014, based solely on pageviews. 

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#1: Grand Forks man dies after jumping off  Nursery Bridge

Grand Forks’ Joe (Morey Joseph) Lafreniere (53) was killed at the old Nursery rail bridge along the Kettle River, July 8th. 

According to the BC Coroner’s Service, Lafreniere was jumping into the river with a group of friends. After he jumped, it was obvious he was in trouble but his friends could not get him to shore. He was swept downstream by the current. 

#2 RCMP look for man wanted on warrant for Midway Robbery

Boundary Regional RCMP are seeking public assistance in locating a man who is wanted on an outstanding warrant for several charges and is believed to be staying in Surrey.

On or about July 4, 2014, Ravinder Singh Mettla apparently walked away from a recovery house in Surrey and a Warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest for being unlawfully at large.

#3 The fight for Rose Schwarz continues with local benefit

Grand Forks locals have a chance to help former resident, 25-year-old Rose Schwarz as she battles for her health and life.

Schwarz has been fighting for her own well-being for the last 11 year, since she was 14-years-old. During that time, her health has gotten continuously worse. Now she can only eat through a feeding tube because her stomach was removed, her intestines are starting to fail and she is constantly at a dangerously low body weight.

#4 LETTER: “Borscht” video offensive to locals        

To the producers of the ad, “What The %$#@ Is Borscht?” the correct spelling is B-O-R-S-H-C-H in English – the last consonant of the word in Russian is pronounced “shch”; the producers of the ad, or staff at Grand Forks City Hall, could simply have asked any local Russian language student how to spell it.

Besides the spelling issue, the ad in its entirety is poorly researched, poorly produced, and exhibits an underlying prejudice while playing on negative cultural stereotypes.  As a teacher, Doukhobor and life-long resident of Grand Forks, I am appalled.

#5 LETTER: Never forget about the plummeting wild deer populations

The recent government announcement that 117 complaint cougar were killed by the conservation service the last fiscal year once again highlights the biggest threat to the future of the province’s wildlife resource is wildlife managers in Victoria.

The announcement should have also made the point that the deer the cougar’s primary prey species has plummeted in numbers province wide. The only pockets of healthy deer populations left in our province are in urban areas and private property where hunting is not allowed. When the cougar hunts in the immediate proximity of people it is hardly surprising that cougar complaints have increased dramatically.

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