An open letter from CUPE to Castlegar

By Contributor
November 28th, 2014


This is a call for calm. And a call for respect.  Your city workers are on a legal strike – for the first time in 60 years. That’s a long relationship and one that needs to be protected and respected.

Much has been said during this dispute and while most of the exchanges and discussion has been respectful and reasonable, some of it has not been appropriate or constructive.    

The only place for sorting out the details of the collective agreement between CUPE city workers and the City of Castlegar is at the bargaining table – not in the media, not in open bargaining information letters, not on social media, not in inappropriate messages sent directly to employees. 

We are appealing to city management and the mayor and council to join us in a call to get back on track – to act in the best interests of our community. We feel that recent communications from the city and the mayor and council do not move us towards a settlement of this dispute.  In fact, we are concerned that these are creating a wedge that could negatively impact Castlegar for years to come.

We are pledging to act and communicate respectfully and in the best interests of our community.  No one benefits from insults, innuendo, misleading information, taunts or personal attacks. So please join us in this pledge.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember that we are a great community and Castlegar is where we choose to live and work and play. Let’s focus on negotiating a settlement now to this labour dispute and let’s move forward.


Leford Lafayette

President, CUPE Local 2262

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