13 moms show up to support breastfeeding awareness

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November 4th, 2014

This year 13 proud local moms and their babies took place in the Global Breastfeeding Challenge.

This year’s challenge had 216 sites participate with moms and babies from Canada, US, UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine and Norway.

They are still waiting on results from 40 sites (usually there are groups of moms from China and Japan also) but so far 4,590 babies participated. Women all around the world participate to promote the importance of supporting moms and babies to breastfeed for the best long term health for both.

Thanks to all the businesses, family centres and doctor’s offices throughout the Boundary who participated in World Breastfeeding Week by displaying positive messages and pictures of breastfeeding. With community support we can create a Breastfeeding-friendly Boundary.

Cynthia Garnett, Program Coordinator — Baby’s Best Chance

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