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October 29th, 2014

Here is a compiled list of candidates who have filled out our questionnaire or submited profiles. The list contains their name and the first paragraph of their profile. It will be updated as new information is received and remain on the home page until after election day. 

* This may not be a full list of the candidates. To read about who’s running, follow this link

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City of Grand Forks Mayor

Cher Wyers — Grand Forks was my family’s destination seventeen years ago to our general aviation business. Who could resist the charm and beauty of this idealistic community and the friendly people! Our son Jeffrey recently purchased property in the valley so it’s becoming a family affair.

Frank Konrad — I am born of Austrian – Russian descent.  I have always been an individual, who has strived to be successful at every endeavour, that I have challenged.  My track record of success, definitely warrants me to  challenge the position of Mayor, because I truly believe, that I will be an asset to the citizens of this community, that definitely needs a new breath of fresh air. 

Brian Taylor — I am running for mayor because I am an effective leader. The city is experiencing some modest economic success and I will ensure that the city continues to pay attention to promoting and marketing our city. The mayor’s role is to facilitate and encourage the full participation of the six elected councillors and to speak on behalf of the city.

Donna Semenoff — The City of Grand Forks is my home.  Born and raised here, I’ve kept returning – because of family, the friendliness of the people and the nourishing natural environment.  

City of Grand Forks Council

Richard Fausten — I grew up in Europe, in a country then known as Czechoslovakia. After graduating from trade school and the University of Prague, I had a degree in electronics.  I worked in the research department of the Tesla/Philips company until the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. I escaped to Austria, where I resided briefly before I immigrated to Canada. I have decided to run for council to improve communication between the residents of the city and council.

Neil Krog — Hello my name is Neil Krog. I am a First Aid Safety Instructor for Selkirk College, I own Twisted Forks Catering. I have previously served on City Council for 15 years and was a Director for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. 

Chris Hammett — My name is Chris Hammett and I’ve decided to run for city council because I am committed to this community and would like the opportunity to work with council and staff to promote economic growth. 

Christine Thompson — My name is Christine Thompson and I have lived in Grand Forks for 57 years, 42 of them as a taxpayer who pays the same taxes and rates as other residential property owners in our City.  I have chosen to run for a seat on Council because I know that with my background and experience I can make a positive contribution to our community.  Decisions I make would be based on what I believe to be the best for our community as a whole, taking into account all sides of an issue up for debate.  Decisions I make and the reasons for them will be open and transparent.

Baun Mark — I am a Grand Forks businessman and entrepreneur. This city has been my home for 60 years.  I started my first business 50 years ago shortly after I finished high school and I have started and operated several successful businesses here in Grand Forks since. 

Lorraine Dick — Too many times we stand aside and let the waters slip away, till what we put off till tomorrow has now become today. So don’t you sit upon the shoreline and say you’re satisfied. Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide.

Monique Van Eywk — I am a hard working, dedicated mother whom has had enough of sitting back and complaining about the town.  Now I have decided to run for office to help bring changes, for the better. 

Teresa Taylor — Years ago, I decided the best way to improve the places we choose to live was to get involved. I am a forward thinking woman, driven by passion for our community. In 1996, I chose Grand Forks for its down-to-earth nature, the genuine and hardworking people that live here and the rural lifestyle we enjoy.


Colleen Ross — I am an activist, who has been working for over 30 years to build awareness about the critical importance of rebuilding local food systems.  I have been farming for over 30 years, in Australia, Ontario and now here, in Grand Forks.  I am the mother of three young adult children who I am immensely proud of. 

Michael Wirischagin — I am Grand Forks born and raised with my family lineage spanning four generations in this community from my parents, to my grandparents, to myself and now through to my daughter. I have decided to seek a third term on council as I have a vested interest in Grand Forks- this is where my family lives and this is where I am raising my family.

Zak Eburne-Stoodley — I am a life-long resident. Grand Forks is a gem among communities and I couldn’t picture living anywhere else. I will work hard for this community and make sure the community gets their voice heard.

Cathy Korolek — I am Cathy Korolek, married, 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Originally from Fort St. James; we moved to Grand Forks in 2003. Rod started work at Pope & Talbot and I opened my shop, Heart n’ Sole Quilts. 

Julia Butler — I am a long time home owner and resident within Grand Forks city limits.  I operate my own landscaping business and have worked for the past three years as a lifeguard and fitness instructor at GF Rec.  Prior to settling in Grand Forks to raise a family, I travelled extensively working in many different fields.  I became certified as a nutritional consultant in Victoria and worked there in the health industry for a number of years.  I have decided to raise my children here because of the values and lifestyle that a rural community has to offer.

Gary Smith — In 2003, I moved here with my wife, Carolyn, from Abbotsford. Back then, I started an agricultural consulting business and currently work with two of the largest nurseries in our area. We still very much love living here and are delighted to have two of our grown children in the valley with us, as well as our two grandchildren. Over the years, I have contributed to many volunteer organizations and boards. I spent six years as a Firefighter and First Responder on the Volunteer Fire Department. Through volunteering, I have learned a lot about the community we live in and the people who make it work. In 2011, I chose to use what I had learned and take on that greater challenge of helping to lead Grand Forks toward a future of greater vibrancy, prosperity and community connectedness. Upon being elected in 2011, I set about those things that were of keen interest to me: economic development, urban deer, and our environmental challenges. 

Greenwood Mayor

Nipper Kettle — My name is Nipper kettle and I am a retired forestry worker and my wife Sheryl and I moved here in 2010 to escape the ten months of winter and the two months of poor sledding of life in the north. I chose Greenwood because I have lived in small towns my whole life and I instantly fell in love with the city and its residents and I feel we have much to offer the world. I ran for mayor in 2011 and was elected and I am so humbled by the support I have received from all residents of Greenwood. I work for you and I have never forgotten that and I will continue for the next 4 years if I am re-elected.  As YOUR Mayor over the past three years I feel I have earned your trust and represented Greenwood well   locally, provincially and internationally on all fronts.

Ed Smith — We moved to Greenwood in April, 2008 to retire and build a home here. We have enjoyed the area and the people immensely, and like a lot of others that have moved here, we are here to stay. The decision to run for office as Mayor of Greenwood was not made for any one particular reason, but for a number of reasons. I find at this time the City of Greenwood needs stability, systems that work, and leadership. Being retired I have the time, experience, knowledge, ability, and stamina to see this through and get the job done.

Greenwood Council



Midway – Mayor

Randy Kappes — unopposed

Midway – Council


RDKB – A (Beaver Valley)

Ali Grieve — Unopposed

RDKB – C (Christina Lake)

Grace McGregor — unopposed


Roly Russell —  I love this place; I want to build upon the good things we’ve got, and fix the things that are wrong.  Before moving back to rural Grand Forks (I was born here, and grew up here) with my wife Christine Carlson to have and raise our two children, I lived in a number of places around the world primarily studying the natural and social sciences.  My previous work was focused on very large scale concerns with broad implications but little tangible outcome; I was eager to balance this with smaller scale but more significant local action, which is part of why I am pleased to be your local government representative and eager to continue working on your behalf into the future.

Bob Kendel — Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan grew up in small towns near our family farm and spent my school years working on ours and neighbours farms. I have been married for 34 years and have three grandsons ages eight, six and three.

RDKB – E (Boundary Country and Big White)

Vicki Gee —  In 1999 my family & I finally realized our dream of moving to the Boundary.  We love the wide open spaces & the small town atmosphere.   We want our grandchildren to grow up here and we want to grow old here. 

SD51 Trustee – City of Grand Forks

Teresa Rezansoff — My name is Teresa Rezansoff.  I attended school at Christina Lake Elementary, Perley Elementary and graduated from Grand Forks Secondary School.  After living in different areas of the province my husband and I returned to our hometown to raise a family. We have four incredible children. 

Katie Jepsen — I am running for School Trustee in the City of Grand Forks. As a long time resident and business owner here I can appreciate what comes with the job of School Trustee. Over the past 20 years of child care service I have been involved in the lives of over 300 families within our community. I have a Bachelors Degree in Children’s Studies with an emphasis on Child Psychology and Counseling and past experience in teaching at both elementary schools as well as GFSS. I am running for school trustee because I am a mother, a grandmother and a childcare worker and I sincerely want the best for these children. 

Jaime Massey — My name is Jaime Massey; I have lived in Grand Forks almost my entire life. I am an active member of the community having volunteered with the Community Christmas Hamper program going on five years and have been an active member of Perley PAC for three years including being in my second term as PAC Vice President. I have decided to run for school trustee because I feel I can make a difference, plain and simple. I am a product of our local school system and have young children currently in the district who are impacted daily by the decisions made by our trustees. I feel I can be a beneficial part of that decision making process.

Kenneth Harshenin — I am very passionate about education, and I bring a wide variety of experiences to the school board table. I have been a Board of Education Trustee for School District No. 51 for the past nine years. Prior to this, I was a school teacher for 30 years. Toward the end of my teaching career, I spent many years at the negotiating table as a bargaining team member and as Vice President and President of the Teacher’s Association. I am running for office again because I believe that public education in British Columbia is changing quickly and is at a crossroads. It is vitally important that trustees bring experience, depth of knowledge and continuity to the table during these challenging times.

SD51 Trustee – D (Rural Grand Forks)

David Reid — My name is David Reid, I am married and have a twelve year old son in our school system.   I went to school in Grand Forks and graduated from Grand Forks Secondary School.  Over the past 3 years I have enjoyed representing Area D as a School Trustee.  During this time the school district went through a teacher strike, hiring a Superintendent, hiring a Director of Instruction, a major shuffle of Principal placements, of which brought the 4 school model in the West, explored a middle school model district wide, and another teachers strike.  The last 3 years were a busy time, personnel wise, for the school district.  I wasn’t sure I was going to run again but with full family support we decided it would be great to be a part, of what I believe, will be a time when we are able to focus more on the students. 

Valerie Rich — We have lived in Grand Forks for over 14 yrs. One of the key things on our list for retiring here was the schools due to the fact we were raising two grandsons. We were impressed with how well our questions and concerns were met by each school administrator and office staff. 

SD51 Trustee – E (Kettle Valley West)

Mark Danyluk (unopposed)— I have been living in the Boundary region since 2002.  Prior to that I lived in Richmond where I worked and managed a group home for persons with developmental disabilities, managed, lived and created community in low income housing, was pastor of a church, and worked for an airline where I actively developed communication processes between different departments.   I am married to Christine (nee Schmidt) and have four children: three of whom have graduated from BCSS.  My youngest is in grade 11 at BCSS.  My formal training is in Theology.   I was a pastor in Midway from 2002-2012.  I have been a paramedic with BC Ambulance since 2007, assuming Unit Chief duties in 2012.  I am a person who cares about people – all people, regardless of who they are.  Justice, compassion and mercy are a big part of who I am.

SD51 Trustee – C

Cindy Strukoff — unopposed

SD51 Trustee – E (Kettle Valley North)

Rose Zitko — unopposed

SD51 Trustee – E (Kettle Valley East)

Cathy Riddle — unopposed



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