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October 18th, 2014

My name is David Grantham and I am running for Castlegar City Council.

I personally would like to challenge the City of Trail to stand up and do what is right for the entire region and all their brothers, sisters, and friends in neighbouring communities, and to agree to the fact that we all know to be true, “We need a new Regional Hospital”.  I personally could care less where one gets built, it just needs to be done, not just for the sake of Castlegar, but for the sake of all in our entire region. The sooner we start acting as one, which is needed with this ever changing global economy, the sooner we start down a path as a progressive and dynamic region. Our entire region needs to change focus from one of self protectionism, to that of a region with forward thinking and new ideas, which could only help our small businesses who struggle to survive in these changing times. Either you change and adapt your way of thinking, or time passes you by.

I have been an active business person in our community, and I see many of the issues that we all face. We should not and cannnot afford to be dependent on big industry in our region for tax revenue, but need to find more ways to improve our Downtown Core, and to bring more tourists into our region, to become more than just a fuel stop.

Recreation opportunities are also a key component to my vision of the City’s future.  Businesses, Doctors, Families, Retirees, are all more likely to move to a City that is progressive and healthy with an abundance of options for them to enjoy.

I am not running on some kind of personal agenda to right a wrong, but I am seeking your vote as I care very much about our Community and personally believe that I can be an asset in shaping the future path of our City!

Here are some of my ideas for recreation in our Region.

1. We need a new sheet of Ice, not another big arena, but just a bare bones sheet of ice with the necessities.

2. I would be interested in encouraging a business to look at building a Zip Line going across the Columbia River.

3. Build a Multi Purpose Domed Facility with a jogging/running track going around the inside perimeter. What can also be done in these types of facilities are endless, from Conventions, Private Functions, Dog agility events, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, Flag Football, track & field, and the list goes on and on. These facilities are located all over the world, and are adaptable to any environment, the cost is approximately 1.5 Million.

Perhaps it’s just a dream, but I feel that a facility like this would benefit a greater percentage of our region than any other possible expenditure. One of the big stumbling blocks would be getting the Regional District on board with any willingness from the City to do a project such as this. Check this link for an idea of the future…www.danburysportsdome.com

Whatever should we do with Downtown Castlegar?

1. If you increased population density within easy walking distance of the downtown core you would likely spawn retail activity;

2. What if you had a large 4-story apartment complex with affordable housing and spaces for retail on the bottom floor?3. What if you designated one street pedestrian only?

4. The Spray Park is nothing special to attract many people downtown, can it be upgraded without great cost?

5. How about taking Sculpture walk to the next level by having a large City Center piece sculpture that would dazzle visitors, and if so where should it be located?

6. What should be the next addition to the Millenium Park project, a campground or Amphitheater?

7. How about relocating Music in the Park to Millenium?

8. How about moving the Sunfest Parade to the downtown streets ending at Millenium Park?

As you can see I’m progressive in my thinking, and can offer an abundance of ideas to move our community forward, but at the end of the day it’s up to the people to choose their own path!

Vote for Dave Grantham for Castlegar City Council on November 15!

Authorized by Financial Agent Brandy Grantham

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