City of Grand Forks wins open for business award

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September 30th, 2014

The City of Grand Forks is one of the winning communities of the Open for Business Awards at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities conference in Whistler.

Grand Forks along with nine other B.C municipalities was honoured with the B.C. Small Business Roundtable’s Open for Business Award.

The award recognizes local policies, projects and programs that support small business.

Evaluations were based on local measures that make it easier to do business in the community.

As an incentive to promote an open-for-business culture, the BC Small Business Roundtable provides $10,000 to each winning community to fund local, small business friendly programs that align with the principles of the B.C. Small Business Accord.

“Part of the application process included an outline of what the City would use $10,000 towards and Council decided that developing a long term economic development action plan would be essential for moving forward in a way that would benefit the community most”, said Chief Administrative Officer, Doug Allin.

“Recognition as one of the most business friendly communities in B.C. is truly the best reward for all the hard work that Council and staff have done to make the City an attractive place to do business”, said Mayor Brian Taylor.

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