BEDC and CF Boundary join Invest Kootenay

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September 24th, 2014

The Boundary Economic Development Committee and Community Futures 

Boundary recently rejoined a program that promotes investment in the region. 


Invest Kootenay uses its online presence to help those looking to set up, buy or sell businesses in the Boundary region. This regional partnership has joined forces to attract, retain and expand business investment in the Kootenay-Boundary region.


The program’s website – www.InvestKootenay.com is the main visible aspect of the whole initiative and is filled with demographics and other key business “We hope to increase the exposure for our region for economic opportunities in the Boundary”, says Wendy McCulloch, Economic Development Officer. 


In June, the website hit a milestone with 1,000 registered potential investors. 


Most of the investors are from BC, both from the larger centres such as 


Vancouver and Kelowna, and within the Kootenay area. There are also many investors from Alberta.


We will use Invest Kootenay as a marketing tool to showcase businesses that are for sale locally by providing increased exposure provincially. 


Invest Kootenay is an excellent tool for attracting new investors, and assisting in 

the succession planning of local business and retention of those businesses in our rural communities.


If you would like your business opportunity featured on the website, go to 


www.investkootenay.com, or contact: Sandy Elzinga or Wendy McCulloch at 250-442-2722.

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