Issues arise with after-school care at Robson Community School

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By Castlegar Source
September 18th, 2014

Although back-to-school schedules have not yet been confirmed, logistical difficulties are already arising, in this case regarding after-school care for Robson Community School students.

Resident/parent Mark Jennings penned the following email to local school board trustees and media this morning:

“Dear Castlegar/Robson Trustees,

“Right now as we speak! Many of the working parents of Robson Community School are freaking out. We have spent the last few weeks trying to find adequate child care for our children during this prolonged summer and BCTF Strike Period. Many of us have had to take extra time off when childcare was unavailable due to oversubscribed services. We were ready to welcome a return to school and a return to a regular routine.

“However, we are now finding out that during the summer the RCS Community School Funding was revoked. With this revoking of funds the Afterschool Program was CANCELLED. This program is a critical service to the school and it appears as though it was done behind the back of parents. At your meeting was there any consideration to the impact that this cut would have on the community? I expect that you (as our School district representative) will take immediate action to remedy this situation. 

“Mark Jennings”

He received a rapid response from SD 20 Superintendent Greg Luterbach, which reads as follows, and may be of interest to other parents of students attending Robson Community School:

“Hi all,

“Just for clarification, it is the school’s desire to continue with an after school care type program. The Robson Community School Society (not the school) made a decision that with less funding available that they are no longer going to offer such a program. The school is looking at the possibility of taking that on themselves but will need some time to get it up and running. The principal called 25 families yesterday to inform them that alternate plans will need to be made while we look at getting the new program licensed and staffed.


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