SD51 issues letter to parents/guardians re: strike

By Contributor
August 29th, 2014

To Parents and Guardians:

As you are aware, the labour dispute between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the BC Government, Ministry of Education has continued through the summer.  While we are hopeful that the two parties, with the help of external mediator Vince Ready will find a way to reach a negotiated settlement before schools are due to open, a decision on school opening will likely not be made before the coming long weekend.

Two possibilities exist:

  1. If there is a settlement, all schools in the Boundary District will be open on Tuesday, September 2.  Schools will be open for a half-day as per the usual school-opening procedure.
  2. If the current labour dispute has not been resolved by September 2, schools will be closed, busses will not run and parents are asked to keep their children at home.

Parents are encouraged to consult our website (www.sd51.bc.ca) and/or our Facebook page as well as other media sources, especially over the long weekend, for further updates. 

It is unfortunate that this normally exciting beginning to the new school year has been reduced to this level of uncertainty.  We know that this is a frustrating, disappointing and worrying time for everyone.  We are concerned about the ongoing effect of this continued strike/lockout on our students.  We have an outstanding School District and we are proud of the hard work and support provided by ALL staff in our District.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Yours in Education,
Kevin Argue

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