Arrests made at Cascade and Osoyoos border crossings

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
August 14th, 2014

Two travellers were arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), July 21st for smuggling firearms at the Osoyoos and Cascade ports of entry. Firearms were also seized at the Kingsgate port of entry near Creston on the same day.

At the Cascade crossing, the border service officers discovered two loaded handguns and five magazines under the sleeping bed of a travel trailer during a vehicle examination. The firearms, ammunition and vehicle were seized. The traveller was arrested and CBSA’s Criminal Investigations Section is pursuing charges. The traveller pair a $2,000 fine for the release of the vehicle as well as $500 for his release based on recognisance to appear in court when summoned.

In Osoyoos, border services officers seized a loaded .45 calibre handgun in a United States resident’s vehicle during a secondary examination.

Cole Phillips was charged with one count of smuggling, one count of possessing a restricted firearm and one count of possessing a loaded firearm. Phillips was released on $2,000 cash bail and is scheduled to appear in Penticton Provincial Court on Aug. 13. The firearm was seized with no terms of release. The vehicle was also seized and was released with a $1,500 fine.

 That same day, Randon Woolsey Lewis pled guilty to firearms smuggling for an incident dating back to July 21, 2013 at the Kingsgate port of entry. Lewis had not declared any weapons; however, upon a thorough examination of his vehicle, BSOs seized three unloaded handguns, one taser and taser cartridges. One handgun was found behind the driver’s seat, and the two other handguns, along with ammunition, were found in the box of the truck. The taser was found in the console above the rear-view mirror, and the taser cartridges were found in the center console. Lewis pled guilty to one count of smuggling under the Customs Act, and one count of unauthorized possession of a firearm contrary to section 91(1) of the Criminal Code in the Creston Law Courts. He was sentenced to pay a fine of $5,000 and a victim surcharge of $750. In addition, the firearms, weapons and taser cartridges were seized by CBSA with no terms of release. The vehicle was seized and released upon payment of a $3,500 penalty.  

 “These interceptions and the consequences imposed emphasize the severity of this matter. Firearm laws, when entering Canada, are clear, and our border services officers are always on the lookout for illegal goods that could compromise the safety and security of Canada,” said Anita Andersson, CBSA Director of the Okanagan and Kootenay District.


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