LETTER: Thankful for "Stretching for Mobility"

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June 27th, 2014

Dear Editor,

Unfortunately this past week the summertime schedule for Parks and Recreation in Christina Lake missed out on mentioning Stretching for Mobility sessions with Gisela Ko. Those of us who attend regularly were disappointed because we know how these sessions are so beneficial to us. Gisela has decided to continue these classes all the way through the summer on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in the Community Hall, not just for Christina Lake residents, but also visitors and for anyone driving out from Grand Forks for a recreational day at the Lake.

As a writer and artist, with much of my time spent sitting at a computer and desk, or else working in the garden, these stretch exercises have been a blessing these past few years – helping get the kinks out my body. Gisela uses her fifty years of experiences as a physiotherapist (clown and ballet teacher) to guide us all through gentle stretches that have us breathing into unused or stiff or sore muscles, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes – while sitting in or standing behind a chair. There’s no need to get down on the floor, or jump up and down. No fancy gear is needed; it’s ‘come as you are’ out of the garden, or the office, from the beach – house-slippers, runners, sandals, bare feet – all work. There’s even fun with the chair line-dance as Gisela accompanies us on her kazoo. The result – good energy and circulation, laughs and a state of well-being. Anyone with a few aches and pains, or simply wanting a little more flexibility with grace is sure to feel the benefit.

Thanks go to Gisela and Parks and Recreation for continuing these sessions.

Rosemary Phillips

Christina Lake

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