LIBRARY MUSINGS: Summer reading club starting; back to free WiFi

Grand Forks and District Public Library
By Grand Forks and District Public Library
June 25th, 2014

It’s finally (officially) summer – and I’m happy to announce that our Summer Reading Club is now open for registration! It’s a free program for children ages 6-12, with games, stories, crafts, and lots of fun. The program runs from July 8 to August 22, and registration is from June 24 to July 5 (please note: registration must be done by the parent or caregiver in person at the library). Space is limited, so sign up soon.

Did You Know…

…that you can ask us anything? Well, almost anything. Those of you who were around before the internet was invented know that most people got their information from their public library. Nowadays, a lot of what people used to come to the library for (maps, phone numbers, encyclopedias, etc.) is available online – but not everyone has an internet connection at home. So I’d like you all to know that you can call us with your questions, and we’ll provide you with answers. Someone called us from Christina Lake a few days ago. They wanted to know the hours for the Christina Lake landfill, and for the Grand Forks one, to see which was open right then. We’ve had phone calls from desperate chefs who are looking for an egg-replacement in mid-recipe, and people interested in knowing about the history of a nearby border-straddling airfield. Bring us your questions!


We’re looking for volunteers to help us with shelving books. If you or someone you know might be interested, feel free to drop by the library or give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it. Teens are welcome (and yes, the hours would count towards the total number you need in order to graduate).


Here’s something you probably already knew, but maybe not: for a while there, we switched over to using the free Rotary Wi-Fi as our main way to offer you all wireless internet here at the library. Soon thereafter, we abandoned this little experiment, and went back to having a dedicated high-speed signal for you all to use. We’ve heard from you that it’s an important service, so we’ll continue to offer it for one and all.

Mojo is Back

Mr. Mojo, the very talented children’s musician from Nelson, will be back at the library on Wednesday, July 16 at 1 pm. His high-energy take on some old favourites, together with his original tunes, make for a fun-filled times for the whole family. If you want to check out his music ahead of time, you can visit his website at www.mrmojo.net.

For more information on any of these programs, to read staff reviews, or to find books, DVDs, magazines and much more, visit our website at www.grandforks.bclibrary.ca.







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